Lazy day

Lazy day

Today feeling like a lazy day. Just one of those days that you stay in your pjs and robe and slippers all day. Even though it's a nice sunny day here I'm half way tempted to do just that. My siaticia nerve pain is still there and hasn't eased up all weekend. On top of that it's been very cold here as well. On days like this the only thing that's comfortable are my pjs, robe and slippers. One another topic is started back on the Diclofenc yesterday in hopes that it eases the siaticia nerve pain I'm having. I'm going to take that for a month and if it doesn't help I'll inform my doctor that he needs to set me up for physical therapy. Hope everyone has a pain free day today. J. D. Quinn

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  • JD, I hope that medication will work for you, and keep us updated. So the shot in the spine you were thinking of getting is a last resort? I shouldn't put it that way, but I knew you were hesitant about getting one. Hope you have a good day also.

  • Yer right Sookie I don't like the thought of have a needle stuck in my spine. There's alot of nerves there and anything could happen if I have to go that route. Physical therapy is my next Resort before the cortisone shot tho. I'll keep you posted. J. D. Quinn

  • Nothing wrong with pjs slippers and robe JDQuinn75

    Sometimes its just the right thing to do.

    Ive been in mine all day and feel so relaxed.

    Just do it..........hope the pain improves soon.

    Take care.


  • Thanks Crusee , I have done just that . I haven't come out of them all day other than to take a shower, but after that they went right back on. Sometimes it's the only thing that's comfortable.

  • Exactly.....



  • PJ day you bet, I take Alendronic Acid on Sunday its a pain because of the instructions so that plus other drugs makes for yuk day so shower clean PJs bed socks good book then daft film on TV today Godzilla. Bliss

  • Olive2709, I've hurt all week this week. From joint pain to siaticia nerve pain. So I feel for you as well. Sorry you're having a yuck day. But at least your in your pjs too, to stay warm and comfy as well. I've actually started a book as well on my kindle. My Dr this week told me my siaticia nerve is what I'm feeling. It's hurt me all week this week. I'm taking a prescription for that for a month if it doesn't help my doctor wants me to go through physical therapy. But if physical therapy doesn't help I'm probably going to look into a wheelchair for myself in hopes that will ease mine. I price one out today a tilite tr rigid wheelchair. My pain from the siaticia isn't going away. But at least I'm comfy in my pjs, bathrobe and slippers. J. D. Quinn

  • Have you tried a Tens machine talking to daughter, she has RA plus sciatica forgot about it as part of her normal life

  • Olive2709, Mine is oa and siatica. But no I haven't tried that. I've got to find something that help because I hate feeling this way. I'm only41 and going through all of this.ive not mention that I'm also having pain in the upper part of my spine as well.

  • Im having a PJ day as well. Why not it does a body good to just do nothing on the odd occasion. Dont know about you but I spend a lot of time pretending I am ok so I feel I we should be good to ourselves every now and again.


  • I agree with you Kyriew, I think you're right when saying it does our bodies good to be in our pjs and robe all day, along with our slippers. It's been awhile since I've had a pjs day on the weekend so I'm due for one. Plus trying not be to activate today and aggravate my joints to much and siatica nerve that's acting up. Still not sure what to do about that it's been really painful. Have a good pj day.

  • Poor you siactica is awful I do a bit of yoga when mine is bad. Though thank goodness not had this since I gave up full time childcare. You stand upright legs hip distance apart and bend slowly sideways towards the pain and hold it for a few seconds. Apparently it compresses the nerve and helps release it. I did find it worked on some occasions

  • Kyriew, my doctor wants me to start physical therapy next if the meds in taking don't help. In my opinion is don't think they will.

  • Good luck I hope the pain resolves it self quickly xxx

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