An uncomfortable week

This week has been very uncomfortable for me. My siaticia nerve has been acting up all week long . I've been feeling it mostly on my right side through the Sid of my buttocks cheek bit am also feel it on my left side as well. My next appointment with my gp is not til September I think once I tell him it's acting up still he'll probably get me set up for physical therapy. This has woken me up during the night as well this week. I think when my appointment come up in September I'm going to request either an MRI or xray to find out exactly what's causing me to feel it on both side of my body. It seems to getting more aggravated. Has anyone else had there siaticia bother them on both side of there body? I'm just curious. Thanks J. D. Quinn

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  • My husband gets it on both sides, it's cleared up now thank goodness. I have had it on my right side for about a year. I hate it, as I can't turn over in bed. :-(

  • Mine has been very painful at times . One several different occasions it's almost put me in the floor getting out of a chair. But mine is the worst on my right side. I feel it all the way down to the bottom of my foot.

  • Hi. Had severe sciatica down right side. Ask your GP to refer u to a rheumatologist who should arrange an MRI. Once the consultant has this, he will arrange course of treatment, physio, or and a steroid injection. My sciatica has improved. Plus I sleep with a pillow between my knees, this does help. Sept. Is a long time to wait for a GP apt. Get a cancellation.

    Insist on this. Best of luck.

  • Hi J D, i too suffer with siaticia pain in both sides etc. some days it's really bad. right down to my toes. i had an mri scan earlier this year, it showed the first disc after the coccyx was prolapsed. i also have osteoarthritis in my spine. i had some physio, i didn't find it particularly helpfull myself. i now have a warm bath with epsom salts before bed, along with painkillers this usually helps me to sleep. September is a long wait if your suffering now, wouldn't hurt to ring your surgery and explain how much pain your in.

  • Debbie, I have pain in the upper part of my spine as well. It seem to come and go at times. But the sciatic nerve pain has been there or almost 2 years now. I feel it all the way down my leg and through my foot. Lately my toes have felt achy as well in both of my feet. But the discomfort in the lower part of my spine has been there for almost 2 weeks now. It seems to be hanging on. The osteoarthritis originally started in my hands about 5 years ago, then eventually moved to my feet , shoulders, knees ect. Some days I can barely get up from a sitting position on the days my siaticia never pain is so bad. I'm guessing at this point I need to suggest to my gp that I want to get an MRI to see what's causing my pain.

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