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I have multiple osteoarthritic problems which, coincidentally?, gave no pain whilst taking statins following a heart attack. I have heard that statins are anti-inflammatory and wonder if the effect just applies to blood vessels or whether it is more general. I suspect not and that the return of pretty awful pain is due to other reasons.

Turmeric is said to be Anti-imflammatory so I have started grating the root into soya milk to drink in the evening. I'm using about a teaspoonful and wonder whether anybody knows if there is a more useful amount.

I'd be enormously grateful for any feedback.

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I had a stroke put on statins for life they help your blood flow through your veins more easily the pain could be other conditions like fibromyalgia


Thank you flyby7


About one and a half teaspoons I believe is the maxium you should have a day. My acupuncturest/chinese medicine practioner is a great fan. he did point out that you ahve to be careful with certain medications and health conditions. It can interfere with blood thinning drugs and doesn't suit everyone stomach wise so best to check up to make sure it doesn't have any conflicts with what you take or have wrong with you. Best of luck I do hope it eases some of hour pain.x

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Thank you for this helpful reply, rosewine . I am seeing a practitioner this week so will ask if she can throw any more light of what will be right for me.

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