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Arthritis in foot and ankle

Hi this is my first post. Amongst other joints, I have arthritis in my right ankle and foot. I have a swelling on the side of the arch which is very painful even to touch. Although I take Zapain and Meloxicam for pain relief, I am still in considerable pain. I also have Lupus and fibromyalgia. Thank you for any help to relieve pain.

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Hi Flossy 1. I also have ankle arthritis in both ankles. I had a total ankle replacement last November and on the same foot the big toe is bone on bone. I also had x-rays of the other ankle and sure enough it is also bone on bone. No more surgeries, so I just have to deal with it. Not an easy thing to do when I am the one who does everything around the house. I am on Celebrex and a small dose of Norco. There are times when it does not even touch the pain. Wearing better and supportive shoes has helped. Unfortunately it is summer so do not like to wear sneakers in the summer . Good luck to you. When your foot is hurting and swollen it is best to sit down and ice it.


Thank you for your kind advice. I have been taking Meloxicam for a few weeks now and whilst I have a dull ache, it's not as painful now. I'm sorry that you are having to cope with arthritis in both ankles. It's not easy x

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