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TKR getting better

My TKR is improving all the time but my calf below that knee feels hard and solid I thought things would significantly improve for me but alas I tried to do some gardening yesterday just cutting back a few plants and dead heading. Afterwards could hardly walk and today I have a lump in the side of my neck at the back which comes up even if I only half fill watering can I cannot hardly walk on my feet they fell as though all the bones inside are broken up and my back feels like a bad toothache and the pain goes into my left buttock. Oh the joys of Osteoarthritis and back problems can we do nothing without the extra suffering afterwards? Moan over going to try and get housework done now.

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Keep a eye on that calf hubby has had 3 TKR All ways told solid calf needs checking sooner rather then later

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Sorry to hear this vondel - it sounds really painful. We are sending you our thoughts and positive patience energy and keeping our fingers crossed the pain subsides soon!



Thank you for your response it's was nice of you to do so. It sometimes helps mentally just to put things down and get it out of one's system. rather than keep it all bottled up and feeling bitter eg. (why me) This is a good site as unless anyone is going through similar problems people really do not have an inkling of the pain and problems of quite common things like arthritis and how it can completely change the quality of a persons life.


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