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Need to rethink drawing a line!

I had decided that I would draw the line at surgery however I now need dental surgery. I have a bad infection beneath eye tooth but covers a significant area of my chin. My dentists was confused about why I had not responded to the pain. HELLO, my whole body has pain , excruciating pain. I tune it out or jump off a building. Like the multiple UTI's I have experienced recently. I went ten years without a diagnoses so I am quite gifted at coping.

My issue with surgery is how I respond to anaesthetics. Always wake up with massive migraine. That is my undoing. I would even prefer another spinal tap!. Because I am very small they had an intern do the spinal tap. It left me unable to walk for three days. She kept hitting nerves which create an electrical shock, of sorts. Even when I was giving my sister a kidney I refused to do it if it required a spinal tap. Even the bone marrow test was less painful lol Sadly, my sister died two weeks before the transplant. She was only twenty four. Beginning to end she died from medical mismanagement. She had an infection that went untreated until it shut her kidneys down and then died from a heart attack because her potassium was so high. The doctor ingnored chest pain because he thought it was from brittle bone disease. This is in part why I question everything.

My question to those with experience, Should I agree to surgery or stick with antibiotic the extraction? I am not taking MTX. The antibiotic does not contain Sulfa

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I can't address your wider issues but several years ago I had an infection (abscess) in a tooth for which I was waiting for a referral that was endlessly lost. In the interim, I'd failed to notice that the abscess had so eroded the bone that my upper jaw fractured - I ended up having to spend a lot of money to get the jaw repaired as my NHS dentist said that I couldn't wait any longer and I had already spent >2 years on the waiting list. (She referred me elsewhere, it wasn't a money-making thing for her.)

That said, I hadn't been given any antibiotic therapy while I was on the waiting list which is probably why the infection got out of hand to that extent. Is there an upside in waiting to see if the abx work for you?


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