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Hi, been on your wonderful sister site for a few years and need to crossover as I have O/A in the knee. Been advised I need a full knee replacement, at age 67, but with family health problems am not going to be able to have it done at least in the next 6/8 months.

So I was wondering if you experts can recommend a good painkiller and also whether a knee brace would be beneficial.

Also is it possible to get a copy of my wonky knee XRay from the Orthopedic Unit. I'll be off to Germany soon and my step daughter has just had a successful knee treatment using stem-cells. Her Practis would look at my XRays and see if it could be possible for me to get this treatment. By the way she is 35 and it has worked excellently.

Thx for reading


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Hi KCRoyals; I have OA in the knees as well but I'm waiting for stem cell treatment to become widely available in the UK rather than go down the Total Knee Replacement route. TKR is not always that successful I believe after reading so many reports of it not lasting that long or failing shortly after, leaving patients in a worse state than before.

There are only a couple of hospitals in the UK at the moment doing small numbers of stem cell ops but it appears to be successful in most cases.

With regard to pain killers, none work for me accept NSAIDS which I am not allowed to have unfortunately. There are a number of creams and balms that help, including Tiger Balm and Dynamint that work for me, available in chemists and online (ebay and Amazon), and they are cheap and worth a try. Do let us know how you get on, especially if you go for stem cell therapy.


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KCRoyals in reply to MikeG1944

Thx Mike,

my steppies SCT worked really well and I'm hoping to keep mobile as long as possible without the TKR. Thx for the advice, much appreciated. Can't believe how quick the O/A came on. About 6 months ago I was fine then BOOOM!!!!

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MikeG1944 in reply to KCRoyals

I think everyone is different; my OA came on over a few years. The worse thing you can do is to sit around all day; exercise is one of the best treatments but it all depends on your pain threshold.

Hi Tony, I'm in a situation much like yours, except it's my hip. I'm 66 and need a replacement, but I have a sister in the UK who has terminal cancer. I'm in the US and don't want to be laid up after surgery and unable to travel. I take Diclofenac sodium 75 mg as needed. I am very careful to take it on a full stomach with a full glass of water. Usually I can get by taking one every day. I am also experimenting with marijuana, which is legal in Washington, DC, where I live. So far I don't like it as much as the Diclofenac. But I'm keeping detailed notes. Using a cane helps a lot too.

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KCRoyals in reply to Hiplucy

Thx for the tips, are now on my list. Sorry about your sister. Similar things it with close family members and can understand what you're going through. Always remember on TV watching an extract from an American Medical show, probably from the fifties. This medico goes in front of the camera, white coat and stethoscope, and plainly says " In 10 years cancer will be a thing of the past. We have the funding and knowledge to consign it to history". Hope he enjoyed his next posting as a refuse collector.

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Deejojo in reply to KCRoyals

I am 62 this year and having knee replaced but having second thoughts

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KCRoyals in reply to Deejojo

Hi Dee,

have you any advice about pain relief or knee braces that could help me?

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Deejojo in reply to KCRoyals

Hi hun if u can get a knee brace it may help I take 60 mg codiene

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Catseyes235 in reply to Hiplucy

My sister had knee replacements. Worst one first but can’t recommend it highly enough and back up and active very quickly. May be worth having it done. Difficult decision.

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KCRoyals in reply to Catseyes235

Thx, good to hear it seems to have worked well for your sister.

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Catseyes235 in reply to KCRoyals

I’m 67 and not been offered anything. NHS bit cash strapped and can’t afford so grab it while you can!

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