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Hi, I'm trying to book a holiday somewhere, I'm finding it very hard to find somewhere that doesn't involve 20 minutes to walk somewhere or doesn't have steep hills, I'm 26 looking somewhere nice modern in Europe around a beach. I don't want to be struggling when I'm trying to relax, didn't ever think I had to think of these things at 26 but here I go, any ideas be great!

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Try majorca / cala bona the Catalonia del mar hotel right on the promenade lovely harbour in front of the dining area sea views also cala bona hotel next door with live music every night also on the promenade. the Catalonia is adults only. Lovely little beach about eight mins walk along the prom with toilets on and a ramp. I've been seven times to the Catalonia and also struggle to walk it's totally flat no banks or hills. It's about 100m to the beach but seats every 50 yards along the front right through to cala malor. All the best I hope you get fixed up


Thank you for the reply, I'll have a look! It is annoying having to think of these things. Having to get taxis about the place. I google map everything and see what hills are about before I even consider anywhere 😂 I'm not immobile but hills and such kill my hips and such. But that place sounds good!

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The catalonia is great my friend and i have stayed at this hitwl eight times it was refurbished two years ago good food and has also got a ka carte


I totally understand where you are coming from. I found a lovely area in Murcia in Spain theres a lovely beach and not many hills. I had a knee replacement a year ago and i have been plagued by fibromyalgia.

If you are looking to book a holiday with a tour operator I would do a search of the area and accommodation independently and would read the reviews on trip adviser the comments are very helpful. I hope you have a lovely holiday.


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