Plaquenil - Hydroxychloroquine

Hi all, my mum has suffered with arthritis for sometime now. Just getting over a night replacement at 53 - it was quite traumatic for her as the drs couldn't manage her pain right after the operation.

Her other knee is now giving her lots of trouble and she has already said that she would sooner give up work then have another operation.

Has anyone tried the above? Any comments would be appreciated.

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  • Anyone?

  • Is this osteo or rheumatoid arthritis your mum has? Plaquinal is an anti inflammatory drug (I'm on it). But she/you need to discuss this with your arthritis specialist nurse or doctor. Good luck for your mum.

  • Thanks for your reply.

    I believe it's osteo. She's been on diclofenac for years. Her pain has been getting her down of late and drs don't seem to be offering any alternatives other then a knee replacement, but after her recent knee replacement that is out of the question for her at the moment.

    Is plaquinal the only anti inflammatory you take? Have you ever taken diclofenac? Which do you find most beneficial?

    Sorry for all the questions. Many thanks in advance.

  • Yes I am on a number of antinflammatories. And yes they help as I have RA, not osteo. And it's sad she is still in pain and I can understand her not wanting another op. But I think the only advice I or anyone would give you is to go back to the health professionals and discuss further options with them.

  • Thanks at least now there is a different conversation to be had!

  • Have a look at the NRAS site. Someone there has just posted about having a second TKR. 😊

  • You could also try the health unlocked NRAS site. I'm on there too and I have seen posts from people who have had all sorts of joint replacements. Try posting your question there.😃

  • these Drs have the pain meds that

    ppl need after a procedure like that but are too afraid to perscribe them. How sad.

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