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Hello do not know if I am in the right place but here goes I ama 23 yeard old female who has some aches and pains for around 3 months. I have various blood tests and have had raised ESR & CRP levels which are finally starting to drop. I have seen my GP today as he done another blood test on monday too check CRP & uric acid levels which have come back as raised and he said maybe Gout. I have not had any symptoms of gout that I have read about and the doctor did not say much else.

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Hi there, As gout is a form of arthritis I should ask your GP for a more in depth explanation of what is going on, and maybe a referral to a specialist Rheumatologist. I began having aches and pains at about your age, it turned out to be the start of inflammatory palindromic arthritis. 47 years later it has progressed and I now need 2 new hips, but don't let that frighten you, its been quite a slow progression and as such you learn to deal with it.Take care to get the correct medication and where necessary get protection for your stomach in the form of something like Lansoprazole so that other medications don't wear away the lining of your stomach and cause unnecessary problems. Wishing you well. Joyce x

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Hello and welcome to our online community. Gout is indeed a type of arthritis and we always advise you seek your GP's medical attention, if you have recurring or persistent pain and inflammation, as they can run tests and help by identifying the cause and addressing it.

For some information on Gout and other types of arthritis you can visit our site: arthritisaction.org.uk/livi...

We hope you find the support of this online community helpful.

All the best and good luck,


Arthritis Action Communications Officer

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