Fibromyalgia ,ostioarthritis

Had ostio since i was 27yr old,diagnosed with fibromyalgia around 3yrs ago dont work anymore in to much pain.carnt get up in the mornings very well.the pain is in every joint but my head,now been like this 20yrs.just coming up to my 47th soon,just would like some people who understand with the same problems to chat too,i also have gout x

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  • You aren't alone buddy, I'm 49 now have bad osteoarthritis in both elbows , need a 4th surgery on my right arm, also ulner nerve damage, bin on to hospital today as am in so much pain due to lowering morphine, now got really bad sweats, how did you get you arthritis, mine was from 35 years in the gym?

  • Not sure how it started,family member have arthritis ie mom uncle.but had 3car accidents too,where people crashed into me :( so it could be any of those,now ive got a nodgeule coming on my finger,that hurts so much and my hands are going to look ugly for someone thats 46 anyway.hope you get your elbows sorted .dont let them fob you off.have you tried algesal cream i rub it everywhere,could cope without as drugs and morphie dont cure it ,good luck.:-)

  • Not keen on the pain meds either, but at this momentin in time I'm between a rock and a hard place.....

  • Hi there again, dropped of the morphine, down to 60 mgs twice daily as recommended by pain management, now I'm back in agony!! Whet meds an treatment are you being offered?

  • Im on morphine patches.cocodomol,amitriptyline,and allopurinol for gout and other stuff for blood pressure and vit d for fibromyalgia,they tried me with a drug called cymbalta but it caused me so many side affects had to come off it even though it did help with pain ,hope you get sorted x

  • Oh and im still on a waiting list for pain management :(

  • I had rheumatoid arthritis when I was growing up (juvenile) that used to travel around my joints. It finished in my elbows when I was 15 and thankfully, the rheumatologist gave me cortisone injections in both elbows and I have never looked back since and this is also when they discharged me from the hospital as I never had rheumatism again. It had left me with slightly swollen joints though and sensitive to rashes/allergies but only got these from aged 40 and I had to have my hips both replaced at 25 when they wore out due to osteo arthritis as working and standing on my feet all day just wore them out. After this, though, I was the fittest I had been in my whole life and use to go to the gym and classes/swimming to keep fit for years until just before I hit the menopause years then I just went down hill. I think this is actually all hormone related, well for me anyway and they do say starflower or evening primrose oil is good but I'm taking vitamin c every day for my immune system as this helps better than the antihistamines. Hope you get everything sorted out.

  • Hi,

    If you want to know more about ways you can manage your arthritis, we have some great advice on our website:

    There is increasing scientific evidence that changes in lifestyle can really help. Self-management can help decrease pain, improve mobility and reduce the amounts of pain-relieving medication that you need. You should never change your medication without first consulting your GP but if you have less pain, your GP may well be happy to discuss trying to reduce some of your painkillers.

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  • Hi Shelly, You are not alone, I too have had problems since I was 23, got worse at 28 after my daughter was born, have been told by consultants (during the last 40 years) that it was anything from Rheumatoid, through Inflammatory, Poly and eventually Osteo Arthritis, and last year a new consultant tells me its Fybromyalgia plus osteo arthritis. What a journey lol. However I understand the pain you're in and the problems with dragging yourself out of bed because you're exhausted. I sleep very badly if I even try to get to bed before midnight, first I take my pain killers. then I take a couple of heated wheat bags to put on the areas that hurt most, read a book until my eyes won't stay open, and if I'm really lucky I get 2/3 hours consecutive sleep, get up walk around for 10 mins then try the heated wheat bags again. Doing this every night I seem to get enough sleep to cope. My daughter, who is a Physiotherapist, has recommended two things, 1, not staying in one position for more than half an hour ie: if you are doing something standing, then sit down for at least five mins before continuing, if you're sitting, get up and find a reason to stand or walk around for a few minutes. 2. Distraction therapy, find something that you can do that really absorbs you and the pain seems to recede, I paint watercolours listening to my favourite music, its seems to help on really bad days. I hope I've been some help. x

  • Your sleeping pattern sounds like mine,i carnt going in the morning now,unless i take a pain killer around 3_4am i might be able to move around 8am depends how youve sleept,im glad ive found someone who knows the same pain and problems,hope your ok x

  • Hi shelly i to have osteo had it a number of years now, I find t hard to get out of bed and get dressed, I can not even go in the bath as iv had problems getting out i once got stuck my partner had to help me out of the bath, I have a shower now, I can hardly walk mind having a weight problem doesn't help, Losing the weight would help, But that's easier said than done it is so hard, I can not do a lot iv got to stay mobile otherwise ill end up in a wheelchair i do not want that, I am on lot of tablets but they not doing much now, i could do with something a lot stronger. But if you looking for a friend someone to talk to ill be your friend. Iv got mine in my neck, knees, hips, hands, feet, by the way my real name is alison i am female

  • Hya alison ,i carnt get in the bath ,just sower,we had one fitted downstairs for me,.i know how you feel.does your pain get you down,do you know i carnt believe i have to pay for all these drugs,yes i have a yearly card but.other people seam to get it free,do any of you x

  • Hi there,

    You are not alone. I also have osteoarthitis though out the body with fibromyalgia, carpul tunnel, vertigo, asthma. I also experience tremors, and then parts of the body goes numb. It is sad that we have to go through this. My DO doctor put me on predisone. That was awesome, but then my rhuemy doctor took me off of them. That as the saddest day of my life besides losing my Mom which is the worst. I just keep taking all the pills that I am on. So stay positive, YOU ARE NOT ALONE......just keep smiling....

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