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Palindromic Rhematism


Can using plaquinel cause memory loss ? My daughter has cystic fibrosis with PR now. She is forgetting complete days on what's she has done .

She also has a rash that hasn't gone in now 5 months. It is hidden now by antihistermines .. She's just spent the last 4 weeks in hospital as she is suffering from incapacitating pain followed by collapse of not being able to walk. She also has 2 other arthritis they have found in her body now attacking at once.

Can anybody please recommend any natural ways we can combat this ? As plaquenil has already decreased her lung functions as she's only only 57 % now we are trying to stall methotrexate right now

Any advise would be wonderful

The rash is all over her body can anyone identify this rash please ? Dermatologist said its hives it's not hives the rash comes then the pain follows

Thank you

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Palindromic Rheumatism I meant.


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