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At last, a diagnosis 👀

Thankyou for sharing all your thoughts and replies in relation to my previous posts. So now----- its a diagnosis of UCTD. Undifferentiated Connective Tissue Disease. Well I realize my "drug free path" cannot deal with this autoimmune brick wall and have agreed to go on Hydroxychoroquine 400mg per day. Has anyone had this journey? Please try and do one thing "nice" for yourselves each day------even if it's only a wink 😉 and a "sore" thumbs up in the bathroom mirror!👍

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Keep positive Goldie. Now you have your diagnosis at least you have a pathway to follow. I have just given my self a achy thumbs up as suggested. Wish you speedy pain relief


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Aw thankyou Kyriew, I hope you could do the wink without the pain!!! Hey, just thought of new diet to go on--------calling it The Soul Food Diet. No restrictions as to quantities, just take daily with love and goodness to yourself! A piece of music, time with family, a hobby, TV program, observing nature, lots of nice things to enjoy! Do you think it will catch on?!!


Stranger things have happened. Remember the cabbage soup diet. I think yours sounds much nicer



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