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Lost in pain

I'm having joint pain in both wristsides and ankles with nerve pain traveling from ankle joints to knees and from wrist to fingers also have joint pain in both hands making it difficult to grip,twist,hold or open things and walk .I am also gaining weight since I have been less active and extremely fatigued despite going to bed earlier..I think level of constant pain is draining my energy.blood tests were negative for R.A

..I'm feeling lost and discouraged...I need answers.

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Hi sorry to hear about your pain. I have same in joints & muscles. I am diagnosed with Osteoarthritis with inflammation. Have you not been diagnosed with any type of arthritis. You need to keep pushing for more tests ( xray ) perhaps.... take care

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Hi Purelight247

Sorry to hear you are in so much pain. I have Osteoarthritis and I also have Fibromyalgia. This is diagnosed through a physical examination by a Rheumatolagist. It can be extrealy painful, and leaves you exhausted despite a lot of sleep. If you get a referral for a Rheumatologist make sure they specialize in Fibro as a lot of the medical profession do not believe in its existence. Hope you get a resolution to your pain soon.


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Welcome to the group Purelight247- we are sorry to hear you have been having a difficult time and experiencing pain. We hope this platform here offers some information and you find the support of the HU community helpful.

For more information on arthritis, about our self-management approach to managing your pain, local upcoming events, recipes and more information about our Membership, you can have a look at our website:

All the best,


Arthritis Action Communications Officer

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