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New to the forum ? Autoimmune?

New to the forum ? Autoimmune?

Hello, I'm new on here and awaiting a rheumatologist appt in two weeks time.

All my bloods apart from theANA (positive) are negative .

I suffer hands , wrist, feet knee swelling pain and stiffness and now trachea inflammation rib pain and asthma just absolutely washed out .

I've been put on steroids for the lungs and hoping that it will work on my swollen feet and wrists .

I was told that I had fibromyalgia many years ago but this is very different .

I haven't bony lump come up on the end of my forefinger and bumps are appearing on others mirror teach other . Mid joints are stiff and snapping wrists swollen .

Feet swollen and around Achilles and ankles . Knee swollen too .

Does anybody have any similar experiences and if so have you had an outcome or diagnoses ... I'm just feeling a little frustrated .

Thanks Becky .

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Welcome to the site Becky. I could of wrote this post for you as I have all your symptoms except for the lung problems. I'm glad your rheumy appointment is in 2 weeks and you will soon be on the road to recovery.

Take care


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Hi Becky, Have had all of the above symptoms too, also negative blood results. But it appears that at least 20 per cent of people with RA also present with negative blood tests so don't be put off. I was given steroids, 30mg per day for lung inflammation and found it extremely beneficial regarding the RA, but watch out for side effects if on them long term, also take something like Risdronate once a week and Calcichew with Vitamin D once a day, this helps to stop the bone thinning effects of the steroids. I've been slowly getting worse over the past 40 years so I understand your frustration, my way of dealing with it (apart from the medication) is distraction therapy. While I'm concentrating on doing something else, in my case, watercolour painting, I seem to feel less pain, and if you manage to do something that involves working with a group all to the good. Friendship lessens the innate depression that comes with the territory, and therefore lessens the pain. Really hope that this has been of some help to you. Take care of your self and always try to see 'the glass half full' it helps more than anyone can realise.

Best wishes


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Welcome to the group Littlemissy! We are sorry to hear you have been having a difficult time and experiencing pain and we hope you get your results and diagnosis quickly. We hope this platform here offers some information and you find the support of the HU community helpful.

For more information on arthritis, about our self-management approach to managing your pain, local upcoming events, recipes and more information about our Membership, you can have a look at our website:

All the best,


Arthritis Action Communications Officer

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Hello, thank you all for your replies they gave been very helpful and for all the warm welcomes .

Interestingly the steroids have helped the pain tremendously and also the swelling is going down too . Happy days .

I'm wondering what the consultant will make of it ( assuming dr strike doesn't get in the way ) . If the steroids help does that mean I have an autoimmune thing going on and if they help would they put me on them again ?

Sorry for the questions .

Becky .


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