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Rheumatoid Arthritis


I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis 12 years ago.Managed with Methotrexate with few flare ups But I had pneumonia 6 months ago and Methotrexate was stopped for only 3 weeks as doctor advised.But from last three months I have an acute pain on my middle foot.The doctor gave me a blind steroid injection but it did not work. I still have inflammation and having pain when l walk. Only yesterday I found out with ultrasound test that there are degenerative changes predominantly in my left middle foot. Docs did not change my medication. Trying everything from turmeric,ice pack ,bandage, hydrotherapy but nothing seems to work.will be grateful for your suggestions. Just want to stop inflammation. Thanks

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I am so sorry to hear that, Joya, and can really sympathize with your painful foot. I also had injections in the feet to no avail. It's like a blind alley concerning the foot because there are so many bones to deal with. My surgeon merely said (after poking around) that it was arthritis and an operation may not work. Thanks MUCH doc....

I'm going to get a second opinion, and additionally do research on this - it's insane they can do key-hole surgery on the gall bladder and yet little information can be had/gleaned for a painful arthritic foot. The doctor SHOULD have changed your medication for the inflammation. Get a second opinion from a doctor who can prescribe the right anti-inflammatory pills since all the above mentioned did not work. Hope you can get some relief in the end.

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Thank you so much for your suggestions. It is a good idea to get a second opinion It is at least 2 weeks waiting to see your GP never mind a specialist ! Although I was diagnosed 12 years ago I have been seeing specialist head nurse for the last three years as my disease was moderately controlled but with sick the suffering the head nurse .I need to see a rheumatologist who may or may not suggest new drugs and now have to start from seeing my GP to get the ball rolling. I do know they are not keen on operating bones on it foot. I am using a tubigrip for the time being on my ankle and middle foot to protect from putting much weight when I walk.Unfortunately l am not allowed to take ibuprofen as I have blood pressure of I have no luck I will seek private treatment for a second opinion.Many thanks.


I need 2 new hips and knee im only 58 caused by RA ivr started using deamascous earth and it def helps

I had really bad pain in my foot could barely walk ,had steroid injection in upper archbut didn't take pain away in the bottom of my foot.Went to a specialized shoe store and got a pair of shoes that support my arch.Cost over $200 but worth every penny,took about a week to really feel better.Did a 5km hike up the mountains shortly after with no pain.

Wonderful news but l have to find this kind of specialised shoe shop.Hard to find one near Oxford or London. But it is worth giving it a try.Thanks for your positive answer.

Am grateful.

Joya lol

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Found some Women's Vionic Trainers Support/Built in Orthotic Footbed on Amazon - pricey though but worth checking.

Joya, have you tried a high quality turmeric? Not all supplements are made the same. Solaray has an excellent one for $15 (Solaray Turmeric Special Formula) it helped with inflammation and pain in my knees in combination with Now Foods' Glucosamine with Chondroitin + MSM ($18) and Pharma Nord's SelenoPrecise ($10). These are all high quality and potent and as you can see quite affordable. My naturopathic doc recommended these three highly and it worked in days at therapeutic doses

Thank you so much. I tried Turmeric on its own but not with the combination of other other supplements as suggested by you. I live in UK I don't know whether I will get the same brand of Turmeric but I will try to get them in heath food shops. Thanks one again


Solaray's special formula is the difference maker from other turmeric products. You should be able to get that in the UK, I would think. Don't settle for the regular turmeric.

Don't forget SelenoPrecise it's great for inflammation and joints and it helps detox heavy metal buildup safely, which could make it much more severe. And it's the best selenium I have used.

Also, I used Now Foods' glucosamine just for rehabbing/rebuilding, not sure if it had an effect on the pain and inflammation, but this 3-product combo was awesome (and without side effects) and as you saw from my earlier post very affordable too.

Check out this article on selenium and mercury: healthandscience.eu/index.p...


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I hate Big PHARMA so going down the leaky gut way as off today I'm going to do bone broth you tube it see what I have found out worth a try guys xx

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