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Rheumatoid arthritis


Hi, I'm new here but have had rheumatoid arthritis for many years, since my mid 30s, I'm now 56. I was on methotrexate but came off it almost a year ago because of other complications. Now just on sulfasalazine for RA. I'm currently getting flares in my wrists and hands, but unlike previous flares these are persistent. I can't have naproxen, ibuprofen etc because of a heart condition (also behind coming of methotrexate). I just wondered what other treatments might be available and what peoples experiences of them are?

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Your Rheumatologist has so many options now. Other DMARDS, Biologics or Biosimilars. I take Leflunomide with my (low dose) MTX. I should call the clinic to try and get an emergency appointment as you are suffering needlessly. Perhaps a short course of steroids could tide you over until you are put on a different treatment plan.

HiGracieOS. I have been on on methatrexate for about 10 years. Iam lucky as no side effects. I have rheumatoid arthritis and I am having biological injections. It has stopped the pain in my wrists and hands. You could enquiry about these. No u should not be in pain . Hope u get a satisfactory answer. Mazzie.

Just an update. I saw my rheumatologist on Monday. Going to have injections direct into my wrists. One at a time a month apart. My inflammatory markers are ok and the only joints affected currently are my wrists and hands. Never had this before so hope it works 🤞

Hi Gracie,

I am of a similar age and was diagnosed 8 years ago with RA. I was house bound for 7 months and off work for a year and a half. I was recently diagnosed with a genetic heart condition, however, there has been no change to my current biological meds (Entercept) or the methotrexate which gave me my life back. I work full-time and changed my diet, plenty of info out there regarding what to avoid and eat. Sulphasalazine did nothing for me but again this is an individual thing and what works for one may not work for others. Hope the Kenalog (steroidal) injections gave you some relief and administering straight into the joints are more effective than the backside.

Keep well and positive thoughts.

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Thank you, I had a course of steroids and they worked well for a time. I'm now back to almost square one with persistent flare up in my hands and wrists. I'm waiting for an appointment for an injection directly into my hand/ wrist to see how that works. I'm also starting a gluten free diet.

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Hi GracieOS,

Anti-TNF medication is biological meds, I take Enbrel (Entercept) once per week by injection (pen). Ask for a screening, Benapali is similar but did not have the same effect. I take methotrexate (metoject pen) two days after and it has worked for me. I am careful what I eat and exercise regular, your rheumatologist could refer you to a physio. The aim with exercise is thinning down your synovial fluid that’s why you may feel stiff in the morning but better as the day progresses. The more you heat the joint the thinner the synovial fluid carries nutrients to the affected joint.

I have a heart complication that is unrelated to RA and remain on methotrexate.

All the best,

knowledge is power Gracie

Sorry Gracie,

Meant to say, by heating the joint I only mean through exercise not heat lamps or lotions

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