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Psoriatic arthritis confusion please help. 😕

He everyone, please help or advise,

My son is 27yrs old he has a learning disability and mobility problems. Approximately 6 years ago he developed psoriasis which is quite severe from head to toe. After numerous treatments he's now on 20mg methatrixate. During the past 2 years he's been suffering from severe wrist/hand pain, then shoulder pain and now back pain. The GP did some bloods and said its possibly psoriatic arthritis due raised inflammatory markers. He was referred to rheumatologist. After asking my son questions (my son has a learning difficulty) but he didn't want my answers! He said he didn't feel he had psoriatic arthritis. My son is 27years old his ESR is 43 his CRP is 15 and his URIC acid level is 517. Should I challenge this decision? What are your thoughts? Meanwhile my son is still in pain on copious amounts of painkillers!! Please help...

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I would definitely challenge the decision. Does your son see a rheumatologist? If not then he should. I have 4 types of psoriasis, psoriatic arthritis and sporiasis of the nails.

Have you checked your sons nails toe nails too. Look for any putting ridging thickening any changes? This also is a sign of Psoriatic arthritis

Take care

Jen X


Hi. Your GP could very well be right. A referral to a rheumatologist will either rule it out or confirm the diagnosis, they are trained in dealing with and diagnosing inflammatory diseases. If your skin had raised inflammation markers then something inflammatory is going on and he definately needs help. Psoriatic arthritis is a disease which can cause lasting damage if the correct treatment isn't applied, just taking pain relief isn't managing the disease is just masking the symptoms. You can find good reliable information on PsA on the nrsa website.

I hope this helps and your son gets the correct treatment soon.


Oops apologies 😆just re read your post and realised he's already in Methotrexate. This med doesn't always work for everyone, maybe he needs to try a different dmard? Good luck to you both x

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I've has psa for about 5 yrs but previously been in a lot of pain for about 10yrs. I found it reassuring that there was actually something not"right" as that way could get on a proper medical regime instead of being disregarded. Doesn't happen now as gp is very good


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