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Psoriatic Arthritis and Covid 19


Hi. I am new here - My partner is in his early 30s and was diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis just before we went into lockdown. He was supposed to have a fortnightly injection (adalimumab) but this has been postponed due to covid 19. He is really struggling with his joints and has a manual job which isnt helping. Does anyone have any advice? Thank You

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Hi chabs, and welcome.

It's a hard situation when first being diagnosed and a good support network along side meds are very important. I was a little younger when I was diagnosed with r/a and have had to make a lot of little life style changes that over the years have helped but it is all trial and error, I too am on the same meds along with tramadol and naproxen.

I use to work in retail in the days before tv's were nice and flat (old crt fat back style) and moving them heavy blocks around dang near broke me. Speak to your partner about changing role, its a hard conversation as they may really enjoy that job but they need to help their body and it may be time for a change maybe a managerial post etc. Any way Below are a list of things that work for ME I hope some if not all work for your partner like I said it is trial and error :

Changing work

Raising/elevating problem areas

Stick/crutch on bad days

Hot baths/hot water bottle

Cool bath/cool bath

(depends on which works best for them hot or cold temperatures)

If hot works best.... Long John's seriously amazing.

Trainers (if the problem area is lower half of the body rather than elbows wrist etc)

Avoiding fizzy pop

Bell peppers

Fish (any type)

Fresh veg


And keep a diary so on days when your partner is not so good go back a few days and try to ID what sets off a flare it takes time but the weirdest things can set me off some nuts do whilst others don't.

Meds Inc biological.

Anyway I really hope something brings you and your partner a win no matter how small, good luck and stay safe.

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Hi Pat! Thank you so much for your quick reply! Work is hard because he works within a family business and at the moment there is nobody else to take over his role :( There is a lot of heavy lifting involved which doesnt help at all.

I will tell him about avoiding fizzy pop and ensure we get more veggies into his diet. Hoping his doc will sort his meds soon.

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Sorry to be a Debbie downer the more he aggitates his joints by working through the pain the worse his PSA will become ....Its and evil disease and flares can last year's as I'm now discovering going on 4 yrs in a PSA flare (I'm better) still have issues and sadly the damage of almost 2 yrs of misdiagnosis and no treatment left alot of damage to my knees and feet.

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This is what I'm worried about that whilst he cant have his treatment at the moment due to covid its going to get worse.

He just simply cant take a long time off work as not viable for business but I agree he needs to rest more yes

Has no one suggested the GP or nurse doing the injections . The Hospital would have to provide the drug I would think out of their budget. How often does he need the injection. ? Some are quite frequent others last for months. Detecting triggers that make things worse is important, everyone with arthritis has different ways of controlling flare ups. But some can be controlled by ongoing drugs, exercise, change in diet , employment changes, and life reorganising. First you have to come to terms with an ongoing illness that could be life changing as there are no cures only treatment. But with adaptations it is possible to lead a normal life persueing activities like work ect except at flare up times when you do need to relax & rest like any illness. Good luck with finding some pain management, and take a look back in a year and see how far your partner has come. It takes time to reorganise your life.

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Hi Katie

He has been prescribed fortnightly injections and can have them now however, due to Covid he would need to isolate for the forseeable due to them being immune system surpressents. This just isnt possible for him at the moment due to work - There is nobody to do his job at the moment and it is a family business that's very busy.

He struggles to find time to rest due to this which probably is not helping. Hes waking with aches at the moment whereas before he would be ok in a morning and it would worsen throughout the day.

katieoxo60 in reply to Hidden

Now I understand your predicament, sheilded are allowed to go out now each day in their own area but not to work. I also understand about family businesses as my sister is a family style business with smaller turn over. Of course many people would feel his health is more important than work , but in your case that is not a simple way to veiw it is it. If he got the virus how would the business continue if it can't run without him? none of us are superhumans. Of course although it is difficult for you it has to be his choice and there are benefits to cover such situations. Maybe a change of job might have to be considered before the treatment is commenced. Good luck with making a decision but it has to be done , I had to change jobs on more than one occassion due to health issues one being Arthritis. Every best wish to you both.

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Thank you Katie. Really helpful advice x


Hi Hidden, sorry to hear your partner is struggling at the moment just after his diagnosis.

We'd recommend taking a look through the self-management section of our website. The site has several pages with information on how he can manage his painful symptoms, which may help to reduce the pain he feels in the long term. Even if he's currently very busy with work, there are several small changes he may be able to make that could improve how he's feeling.

In particular it may be worth looking at the pages on self management, dietary changes, and pain management.

Let us know how you and your partner gets on, and hope things improve.

Yes, Request COSENTYX INJECTION this can be done at home without a doctor or nurse .....I inject every month I have horrible PSA.

Its unacceptable to be denide medical care when your debilitated by any disease and require injections.

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I've read about this actually. Is it also an immune system suppressant or could he take this and continue to go out and about? Thanks

Batty1 in reply to Hidden

All these injectables will suppress your immune system to some extent. I personally have not had any issues with covid while on Cosentyx but I do wear a mask when out in public and I wash my hands often at this point if your suffering enough and getting appointments to start treatments are dragging on to long (which sound like it is) I would try something I can take at home without delays.

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Thank you. My partner has an app with his doc on Wednesday so I will get him to mention this medication to him. Annoyingly he was ready to start on adalimumab when covid broke out and as he couldnt isolate for 12+ weeks due to work was advised not to have yet as it would mean if he caught covid it would likely hit him hard.

I don’t have PsA but RA, and take a similar drug plus one other - both immune suppressing. Both are injected but I do it myself at home. Because I am under 70 have no other diseases and am generally in good health I am not shielding. Just taking care to be sensible and social distance.

The advice from the British Society of Rheumatologists is that you are as much at risk with uncontrolled disease as you are from the effects of the drugs. So they say you should continue taking your drugs.

He should push his doctor a bit, as living in pain is inhuman and could be damaging.

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Hi Helix

Thanks for replying.

He had an app with the Dr last week and now they are confident the drug won't increase his risks if he caught Covid he is starting treatment within a fortnight. My fingers are crossed they will be just what he needs!

I believe he will be injecting himself fortnightly.

Good to know and reassuring you havent had any trouble with your medication due to the virus.

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