Urgent weight loss tips needed

Hey everyone, hope you're well. I am currently on methotrexate, omez, arcoxia, vitamin d and b & amitriptyline. I am desperately in need of trying to lose weight since I started treatment for PSA & FIBRO I have now gained 10kg's in 8 months. I used to be on prednisone before too. Anyone here have any thoughts and ideas please?


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  • I have been at a stable 90kg for many years. Since I went onto a largely plant-based diet I have dropped to 77kg with no effort (weight-loss wise) which puts my BMI into the safe zone for my height & age. Oh, and I don't expect it to rise again.

  • Hi would u b able to send me the details of the diet u used plz I'm very interested thanks

  • Mollymay2, can I suggest you see my blog foodandarthritis.blogspot.c... which I am using to document my life with arthritis

  • I have read your blog, how are you feeling today? Do you think that your food intake is helping?

  • Every day is one or two steps back, one or two steps forward. The going back steps are never pleasant. Good and bad days triggered by foods that cause inflammation. Many I haven't eaten for several months, given where I am at. When I introduce a new food item (such as last week I added feta cheese which is good for anemia linked to B12, deficiency (my latest blood test says my B12 okay in fact.)

    Backward steps trigger pains and inflammation etc. I just have to work through them by helping my body reset, which could take 5 days.

    The last two days I have not been in control of my diet (due to people visiting etc) and although I have enjoyed what I have eaten on the other hand I am now paying for it with pain and stiffness. But that's is all part of the elimination process.

    My health is improving. My next milestone is getting my anemia sorted since that is playing havoc with everything. Appt with my doctor tomorrow is important, and anemia is the main subject.

  • hi that sounds amazing could you send me your diet please

  • Well Aisha,I am going to go against all the good things people tell you to do,why because I'm useless at dieting,I am on similar meds to you,mtx,amI trip.celebrex,Dihydrocodeine,etc etc,but I recentley bought slim extreme gold, not just me but several people, they have all lost weight,I have lost about a stone and don't know why because I still eat sweets biscuits etc whice I KNOW! I shouldn't,all I will say is if you decide to buy them thy are not cheap,research them as I beleive there are some copies,I may be wrong but I do think weight watchers maybe on one of the supply sites, I got my first ones from Northampton I think,sorry my memory is so bad,the second ones I have just had from America,if you want to know where,I will try and find the address,I am utterly shocked they work,I have tried dozens of things over the years,this with me had no side affects whatsoever,but you do what you think is best for you,I'm just weak with diets,best of luck.

  • Get the movie, it's on Netflix. Fat , Sick and Nearly Dead. It's a movie about juicing. You'll drop about a pound a day. Just watch it, think about it and talk to your doctor. It's about a plant based diet. Blessings!

  • is a link to Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead. I watched this about 4 months ago. Very important video, imo. I have been heavily into juicing ever since. What it did not give me was a roadmap for my diet that I felt comfortable with. This is until I found the Paddison Program, which takes many of the principles of FS&ND but leads you towards a more normal diet.

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