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Newbie needing some advice please

I have just found this site and joined in the hope someone can give me some advice. I havent been to the Dr's yet with the problem, I intend to when I get back from holiday in 2 weeks. I think I have some form of arthritis, my knees get very painful and seem to "lock" when I get up from sitting  and I have to stand for a few seconds before I can walk. Some of the time if I stand still for a minute or so I find it hard to move again. At night I get pain in my hip to the extent some nights I cant sleep more than a couple of hours and my back aches but not all the time. I have found if I walk too far or am on my feet for long periods the pain gets worse. I have been taking 500mg paracetamol to ease the pain, which does help.Can someone tell me if it is arthritis please

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Hi rosie_lee

Firstly welcome! 

Secondly are you on holiday in the uk? If so you can see a doctor straight away if you need something for the pain. Or even if abroad, do you have insurance? Same thing should apply.

Moving on, it's impossible to say for certain without a physical examination and a battery of tests. Your back could be linked to the other problems for example, if they affect walking / moving around. 

Are the joints 'puffy' at all? Do they feel hot to the touch? Are they red? These can be indicators but don't make it absolutely certain. 

Have you had any sports or other injuries to your knees in the past?

How long have you had these symptoms for and are they getting worse?

Are they worse in the morning? If so how long for? Do you have any other symptoms, tiredness / fatigue, night sweats, flu-like symptoms or any others?

Sorry for all the questions but they may help. And even with the answers we can't make a diagnosis over the Internet, but we can say if it sounds like something you need to see a doctor for. Even though it already does, and anything that causes that much sleep disruption / pain needs investigation. 

All the best. 



The only person who can diagnose what's wrong is a doctor. Could be any number of things. Just make an appointment and if the paracetamol helps then keep taking it.



See your G P as soon as you can. You can have a rheumatoid factor blood test to see what is going on that will include your renal functions too. Keep us all informed. Thinking of you.


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