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Rheumatology review

Hi , is this normal to wait for a  rheumatologist review in   8 weeks  time,  my CRP ESR are high and antibody  was positive , I'm in pain  and stiff every single  day,  I was prescribed naproxen lanzoperole ,  diclofenic  I can't take, now I'm on co codamol which don't even work, I've referred myself to occupational health  to get some input from them  is there anyway I can. Get a quicker referred appointment  

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Try seeking another Rheumatologist.  When you call them, tell them you cannot wait 8 weeks, that's ridiculous.  You need an anti-inflammatory now and pain relief now.  Pain itself is disabling and will hinder any type of healing.  Sometimes I have to wonder if some of the Rheumatologist know how painful R/A is or any of the other Arthritis conditions.  I've had many Rheumatologist in the past and trust me there are good, better and best within the Rheumatologist community too.  Find one that cares, knows their business and isn't afraid to write prescriptions.  Tell them all you know about your condition, take notes with you if you need too.  The more you can tell them about you symptoms the better they will be able to help you.  Blessings!

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I've sorted a appointment now thanks so much , relief 


Amen, I'm very glad to hear that you'll be going in soon.  Please do let me know how things go.  All you have to do is tell them how it's going and that you need help is all.  If they give you some medicine that doesn't work, don't sit back in pain until the next appointment, call them and tell them the meds are not working (after giving it a good try) and let's try something else.  The squeaky wheel gets the oil. :). Ha, Keep Looking Up Too!!!  Blessings Once Again!


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