Restless nights

For the past few nights I've been having restless nights.  Sunday night I did nothing but toss and turn all night until my alarm went off at 3 the following morning.  I'm very uncomfortable during the night do to my arthritis in my shoulders ,knees as well as my hips.  During the day if I'm relaxing I'm somewhat comfortable but not enough.  Now that the warmer weather has arrived  I haven't seen much difference  in the pain . I'm exhausted during the day do to not getting the sleep in need.  I feel at this time that my oa is getting worse instead of better or easing up. Nothing seems to help me that I can find as of right now. Ideas and suggestions are needed.  Thanks

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  • Hi.

    I too am having trouble sleeping the last few nights.

    I have RA and in pain at the moment with my elbows and knees,partly due to the fact that I tripped going upstairs the other night and have two purple knees and and elbow to prove it.One of my other problems is I have lymphodema in my legs,and for the past couple of months I have had compression bandages on my legs.Whilst these haven't been ideal,they have had a lot of benefit but now the weather has become milder I find they are hot and uncomfortable in bed and so it all starts.I get hot,start to fidget,disturb my husband,feel guilty about disturbing him.Give up and get up sit downstairs watching to or reading.Go back to bed around 5.30am and get up around 8.30/9am.Grumpy all day due to lack of sleep.Drop off in the chair for a couple of hours in the evening,go to bed and so it all starts again.I firmly believe that my silly sleep pattern contributes to the way in which I feel pain.I am trying to get my sleep back in sync but it's difficult.Whilst I am downstairs I will take painkillers which help but this is only temporary relief.

    I am sorry I cannot suggest a magic remedy,and the last few days it seems that a lot of folks on here have been up most of the night in pain.I am hoping to get my sleep pattern in shape so when I get to bed I will be so tired I can get a decent nights sleep and hopefully be that tired I will sleep through some of the pain..........well that's the plan anyway,but I must say when I get proper sleep the pain is more manageable.

    I write this reply now at 3.40am and still not tired so in a couple of hours I will probably go back to bed and also had some more pain killers,which will reduce the amount I can take tomorrow ..................vicious circle isn't it?

    Just wanted to say that you're not alone,and I can certainly relate to how you are feeling right now.


  • Thanks  Crusee  for your reply.  This has been on going for me for awhile now. 

  • Just been through a hip replacement surgery. I can emapthise  with everything you have written. The pain of no sleep makes the arthritis worse and the days worse. I waited a long time for my op, now I am of pain meds and went through months of no sleep. I do it now with all herbal medication, no narcotics, they just about sent me round the bend. Soothing music, no caffeine after lunch.

  • Hi there I think we are all the same regarding sleep, I'm saving up for a orthopaedic bed because I think that's half the problem with me I have RA and oa and last night I don't know how many times I clock watched during the night

  • Popsmith1874, it can be rough with either the of arthritis  weather it's oa or ra. I have days I can barely get through a days of work I hurt so bad.  Standing for more than,an hr makes it worse for me. 

  • Helpmeto, I believe I also have it in my lower back as well too. Do to the discomfort I'm having.  It's pretty much all over me now within a 3 year period.  It started in my hands in 2013. 

  • Hi JD, I too hate going to sleep at night - dread it.  Beforehand I put deep heat rub on my knees and then take an arthritis relief pill, but still wake up at 2 am with pain.  I feel for you because everyone needs a good sleep.  I sent away for knee bands the other day, and might just leave them on when I go to bed.  I really can't think of anything else that will hold the pain for 8 hours at night, but if I do, I'll certainly let you know.  

    Take care, Sookie

  • Hey Sookiedee,  I go to my GP on Friday afternoon so I'm going to see if he can give me anything to help me , without having to go to my rheumatologist.  We'll see.  I'll let you know. 

  • Yes JD, keep me updated.  I'm going to get a referral from GP to see a rheumatologist to see if further help can be solved with my condition.  It seems to be be spreading to lower back and outside of elbows.  I am thoroughly sick of this crippling condition when previously was just dealing with early arthritis.

  • Sookiedee I already feel it in my lower back and elbows as well. I think that's part of the problem with why I'm getting the warm sensation down my right leg all the time.  It's a constant aching all the time anymore.  It never stops. 

  • JD, surely your GP can give you some medication or suggestions for your painful lifestyle.  They are certainly paid enough to do so. 

     Mine is pretty helpful (after saying all that) - never imagined I'd get arthritis as it wasn't at all in my family. I loathe the aches up and down the legs too - drives one crazy.

     What I'd give to shave off 20 years for the young healthy me.  But I DO find that exercises for the back and legs help and keep them somewhat limber.  Look up on google, but the books they advertise to reverse arthritis are for the birds IMO.

  • I think this one has always been a difficult one for anyone. I get Restless Leg Syndrome as well ad having my OA. Quite honestly the end result for me was a visit to my GP who prescribed a mild sleeping tablet. What I did was take just half of the tablet about half an hour before bed and then then second half just as I got into bed instead of taking it in one go. I found this did help and although not everyone advocates this type of medication at some stage your body has to rest and recover from your ongoing medical problems. Please try talking to your GP. I have a marvellous one and he 'LISTENS' not judge or lecture. The only other non medical option is a really good soak in a warm bath of herbal relaxing bath salts. There are plenty on the market. Ask the Pharmacist and not always just at the counter. Youth local Pharmacist also has a wealth of knowledge apart from just dispensing prescriptions. I Hope things improve for you and get the sleep your body needs and deserves.

    Best wishes


  • Phil I have taken warm showers and that's not helped what so ever. 

  • There is a natural supplement if you want to try ,there are NO SIDE EFFECTS .I used to take it when i had arthritis on my fingers .Now after a few months i dont pain anymore and can do all the movements .It's called sesameal ,it comes from Thailand,i can send u more info if u are interested .It will ease yr pain for Sure .

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