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Had my face to face 2 weeks ago, just received my answer today yes got it iindefinitely,it was odd though I have help washing my hair showering, my husband helps me dress also etc, but I still only got the low rate care, I am gratefull and very happy but I still find that a bit strange,I have never applied to have my DLA upped, so maybe it's my fault,I know you get points for all that, I obviousley didn't.I'm just delighted it's all over, (until the next goverments change )

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Hi Pip. I have spent a few years now dealing with DWP and PIP. I used a website called Work and Pensions for guidance. I am in a similar position whereby due to Spondylosis of the neck and Rotator Muscles torn in shoulders I cannot wash above my shoulders or wash my back. I need help to get clothes over my head. Because of all of these I got top points because of that and other issues. I think with a little help filling in the forms you would get a higher rate of benefit. Hope this helps and if you want any more help I am here at the end of a keyboard.

Best wishes



Hi Pip. Sorry I gave you the wrong name of the Website for help with Disability Benefits and PIP. Its called BENEFITS and WORK. You can get general information from the site but if you become a Member, as I did, you get access to lots of documents you can download. They include how to Appeal, How to fill in Application forms to maximum effect. It really helped me .

Best wishes (Again)


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This is an apology,the letter a few weeks ago telling me I had my pip award, wasent from them it was from the dla,why they wrote I have no idea,and of course, I had recentley had my pip interveiw,so without reading everything page to page me Mrs brain fog didn't, so I assumed all was well,until I got another letter a couple of weeks later,saying this is about your pip,well you can imagine my shock, I thought it was all a bit odd,so I did get my pips lower for mobility,and higher for care,so I lost my high mob,but with all the mix up, MY FAULT COMPLETLEY ! I was glad it was all over and I was no worse off, however I still don't know why the dla wrote to me,saying I'd been awarded anything.I have given the letter to members of the familey and they all agree there didn't seem any reason for writing to me in the first place very con fusing, so apologies to all especially Phil112 who was so kind in his reply,thanking you all. As If PIP isent confusing enough,without me making it worse.


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