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A very tiring day

For the past 2 days I've been exhausted. Between the very cold wind we've had today and yesterday and temps and my arthritis that's been acting up since the beginning of the year I am beat. My knees , shoulders and hips have been acting up today, which only makes it worse. I read last night that oa can weaken my muscles at some point. I haven't gotten that bad as of yet thank goodness just the constant aching in my joints. So I'm going to relax as much as,I can over the weekend and try not to over do it. When I'm tired my osteoarthritis acts up. Hopefully my feet, ankles, knees and shoulders won't hurt over the weekend. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

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Hi Hopefully it's the weather making things worst at the moment. This arthritis seems to creep up in even more places as time goes by. Mine has gone into my neck at the back now and giving me some really awful pressure aches in the back of my head. I try hard to keep moving and doing things as I like to be active but some days even doing the housework slowly wears me out so much and by the evening I really do not know where I hurt mst and have problems getting from room to room, I so wish they could do something for this as people have no idea have they?

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