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Another miserable day

Another miserable day due to my feet hurting. But not only was it my feet that were bothering me it was also my shoulders and knees as,well. I'd give anything to have a pain free day right now. I'm not sure what else to do . I'd love to be able to move around without hurting every day or tiring out so quickly. I can't always rest when I need to while I'm at work. Resting is not an option when I know I need to. I stand up a good part of my work day witch gets,very tired some. Now with my hip bothering me as well it makes my days even more longer than they are with the pain that I'm having. Don't know what I'll do once I start getting it in my lower back as,well. The way my osteoarthritis is progressing it seems to be getting somewhat aggressive . The pain is getting sharper at times as,well. Otc drug don't seem to help ease the discomfort from my symptoms. So what should I consider to help ease my discomfort. Need suggestions if anyone has any please. Not sure what route to take next.

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Morning JD, I have osteoarthritis in my knees feet and hands with wicked back ache. Get you feet checked over by s Podiatrist. They are expensive but worth it. If you stand or move differently unknowingly to protect the joints in your feet then your posture is wrong and that makes everything else hurt. It's worth a go:). Get a work place assessment done. They may be able to change something that makes work easier. Good luck let us know how you get on. T


Riley travel , It's getting to the point again that it's starting to get unbearable. Last year when it got that way I had tears in my eyes. That was before I started feeling it in my kneed , shoulders and hip as,well. This year it seems to be starting up a little earlier then last. I'm just trying to figure out what I can do to make me more comfortable at this point.


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