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Come and give us some suggestions. Please don't say it's rubbish:)

Sorry about forgetting to put the link!!!!

We are students working on a project to deal problems with arthritis on hands. We came up with an idea to motivate people to exercise more in a long term and can give feedback to users. Come and have a look, then give us some suggestions!!!

Thanks a lot for your help!!

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I don't think I would find this motivating. Seems like it would be good for kids with RA maybe. I have OA just starting in hands and am 69 years old.


I'm confused, is this a product you need to buy?


Its good to come up with new ideas but why would a picture provide motivation? I am puzzled by this. Perhaps for children. Are there many children with arthritis? I don't know.

As an arthritis sufferer, I would find individualised ideas for exercises more motivating as the motivation would be that I knew the particular exercises were right for me and doing me good.

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