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Nebe here arthritist in both feet


I am flat footed, have painfull feet and poblems walking, xrays show moderate arthritis in toes and feet. I was sent by my GP to see a podiatrist who told me nothing can be done that I have to live with it. Can anyone give me a bit of advice on where to go with this.

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Hi minniemates :) Welcome to the Arthritis Action community on Health Unlocked. I am sorry to hear that you have painful feet and problems walking. Feel free to check out our exercises and fact sheets on our resource centre: I hope these tips can provide you some relief. Please keep us posted. Best, Katie, Arthritis Action Communications Intern

Hi thanks for advice will look at the sheets you have suggested

Hi I overcome this by not wearing flat shoes and always wear support for arches in shoes also bathe feet in warm water and magnesium salts.

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Thank you for advice i will look at getting arches and have already started magnesium salts.

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Good luck hope it works for you.

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Thank You will let you know how I get on

Have you not got a referral from your consultant for some hospital shoes ? They measure and incorporate arch supports within the shoes or boots. I work part time as a carer so on my feet constantly but my shoes are so comfy.makes my life that little bit easier. Have a good day xxxx

Thanks for advice I havent had a referral was told by podiatrist from the NHS that nothing could be done i am going back to GP to see if i can get a referral to a consultant.

Maybe worth asking for a second opinion from another podiatrist I a different area

Hi, I know it doesn't work for everyone, but I found acupuncture helps the arthritis that I have in my feet. I got 4 sessions in the nhs and am now paying privately (£38) a session twice a month to maintain pain relief. I had foot supports, but didn't find they helped me. Good luck

Thanks for sharing will look into this have had acupuncture before for cervical spondylosis but it didn't help still may work on feet.

All depends on the Acupuncturist, their length of training and experience . I'm a great fan of Acupuncture but have seen in the past, 4 Acupuncturists that couldn't help before finding the right one.

Do you find trainers more comfortable? If you do, inlays may help. I use Superfeet. Expensive but long lasting. Exercise is always good.

Thanks for advice I et pain on top of my feet so find trainers restrictive but I will look into the inlays you suggested it has to be worth paying out for comfort and being able to walk.

I think you can be helped with some orthoptic inner soles for your shoes. See if you can find a more helpful Podiatrist. Also I recommend having some reflexology. Invest in comfortable footwear. I know how it feels as I have suffered with painful feet over the past 3 years. Thankfully feet are good currently (but knees now affected !).

Physiotherapy is good.

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