A painful leg

I was diagnosed with osteoarthritis in the left hip and shoulder six months ago with a future consultation "in one year". I am 71 yrs old. My walking is slow and careful as I am afraid my leg might give way and I sometimes get a strong pain in the left groin. Sleeping on the left side is uncomfortable.

Tonight in bed I am experiencing pain all down my left leg and find it difficult to sleep.

I have taken 2 paracetamol but the pain is still there. Wonder if it is serious?

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  • It's probably the arthritis....but if you're in that much pain go back to see your GP ....or phone the consultants secretary directly at the hospital and ask to see them again.

    Unfortunately the pain is often worse at night and first thing in the morning. ....I've found a softer mattress helps or a topper

  • Hi Jillypops... thanks very much... on your advice I cancelled my GP and phoned the consultants secretary with an appointment in one week! Fortunately and amazingly I have had a pain-free day..... and the sleepless night may never happen again but I'm so glad I looked at this site.

    Barbara xx

  • Great! Let us know how you get on next week!

  • Hello Barbara please go back to your GP and ask if you can see a hip specialist I have been through so much pain since May Having MRI steroid injections and physio I went back to my GP in November and within 2 weeks I saw a hip specialist and I'm having a hip replacement in a few weeks

    Try sleeping with a pillow between your knees but don't sleep on the opposite side to your bad hip

    You should be given better painkillers too

    Don't leave it Barbara I really regret not asking before They will monitor you and help you

    Good luck xx

  • Thankyou very much...... I got the idea to support the leg with a bolster andtake some Ibuprofen, and I did m anage to sleep for an hour. Good luck with your op.xx

  • Exercise helps. Try arthritisresearch.com. kneepainexplained.com has an arthritis section; many excercises are the same for hip and knee. Start with only a few reps and progress slowly.

    Go back to your GP and ask for physiotherapy. Just sending you home to suffer isn't good enough. I am battling with my knee and exercise has helped. Will try a chiropractor next as the practice physio says I am too well to be treated on the NHS. I wonder if being over seventy makes a difference to the care we receive. Or maybe I was just lucky when I had very effective physio nine years ago and regained full mobility.

    I will also try some seated work outs as I have become very unfit. The body releases its own painkillers when we excercise.

  • I have always been active until just walking became a challenge and I have been avoiding deliberate exercise and been sitting around a lot ....SO thankyou for your advice. I was offered physiotherapy and must now start exercising. xx

  • Another thing I have found important is warmth. It is quite possible to have pain caused by cold without feeling cold. Air conditioning can be a menace. Most tops have low neck lines these days, something to think about for your shoulder.

  • Barbra, it should like you're experiencing siaticia nerve symptoms. I have the same thing only mine is feel it from my lower back through my buttocks down the side of my leg and into the bottom of the foot. The siaticia nerve pain can be felt through the groin as well. Thankfully mine is only on one side right now but can eventually be felt on the other side as well. Good luck Jeff. D. Quinn

  • Sorry you are in such pain, if you sleep on your side, try putting a support pillow under your left thigh/knee to keep your left hip in alignment...I take Naproxen for joint pain. xx

  • Thanks Kate you are right, the bolster and Ibuprofen made it possible for me

    to sleep for an hour, and now 12 hours later I feel fine. I will look out for Naproxen.

    Barbara xx

  • Hi Barbara glad you managed to get some sleep eventually. Naproxen is prescription only and you need to ask for Omeprazole as well which protects the stomach lining.

    Take care of yourself, sleep deprivation and pain is not a good combo!

    Kate x

  • Naproxen is strong ...it really upset my tummy! ....try Boswellia instead!

  • I feel like giving up. Got all the same problems as all of you and sympathise greatly. I was going to have a replacement hip on 8th November last year then it was decided I needed an echocardiogram to make sure my heart was o.k. Still waiting for an appointment for that! The pain when I'm walking sometimes is unbearable just for a minute or two and I can't move. I take co-codamol and patches - they do nothing for me. Up till now I've tried to make light of it but now I dread getting out of bed in the morning. It's very restricting and I used to be a very active person. Sorry to be so down - I also have osteoarthritis in my lower back and neck so I just feel I'm never going to be the person I used to be again.

  • Hi Olly..... I can understand how you feel because after being fit and healthy all my life, first I get an infection in one eye 2 years ago which turned me blind and this has been my number one wish to get better(I think It will e in a week or two), then irregular heart beats for which I am due to have a pace-maker fitted, and third, the arthritis diagnosed in my left hip, which makes me nervous walking in case my leg gives way,,,,, then last night the leg pain which made it impossible to sleep and I came on this site to look for help. Well, amazingly I got through the day with a careful walk and no pain and now I feel fine. I am so grateful. Each day is different and I had thought last night something serious was happening, I have been avoiding this operation but not now and I am seeing a specialist next week,

    It will all get better... apparently these operations are quite commonplace and successful... I'm not sure about the burning at the back of the neck, but I canlive with that. It is a pain waiting for these appointments and you dont want to be a nuisance but I urge you Olly to call the Secretary of the consultant for echocardiograms and try to get an early date... tell her how you feel! I skipped seeing the GP this morning and called the hospital direct.

    Also you might check out "Musculoskeletal medicine" which I have just found.

    All the best and take care!

  • Thanks Barbara. My mantra has always been that there is always someone worse off than myself but it has been hard to think of anything but the pain the last few weeks. I also have to see a vascular surgeon because my legs are so painful now and feel a bit numb. Thanks for your support. I'll check out musculoskeletal medicine too. Best wishes and thanks again.

  • You need to ring the consultants secretary and ask for an another appointment!

  • Yes, I will, it's getting a joke now. Thanks for your reply. Hope you get a good day today!

  • Hi that is exactly the symptoms my cousin had before she had he hip done. She ended up on morphine patches the pain was so bad. See if your doc can give you better pain relief. Hope you feel easier soon. regards

  • That doesn't sound right. I would return to the drs and stress that you cant wait that long, especially with your current symptoms. I think we get fobbed off way too much.

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