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Dengenerative Moderate AC OA - pins&needles

Hey guys, im diagnosed with moderate degenerative changes to AC joint osteoarthritis. was diagned 12mths ago and to date have been avoiding any formal treatment by sticking with all the usual glucosamine chondriton ginger tumeric etc.

In the last few months im constantly being woken with pins & needles in both hands every 20mins every night. Most nights I just get up at stupid oclock as I cant take the numbness anymore. Im unable to sleep on my right shoulder so flip between back & leftside thru the night.

Am of to GP tomorrow for referral to shoulder specialist but am now wondering whether the pins & needles could be related to the OA? & whether they are likely to carry out an arthroplasty rather than using the steroid injections as I consider they are a wate of time as they merely cover up the issue rather than deal with it. Any advice welcome

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Hi! I often wake up with pins and needles in hands and sometimes my hand is in a claw shape....I have OA in multiple joints but also take statins and my G.P. has mentioned that its sometimes the effect of the statins that cause this....I'm afraid there doesn't seem to be a cure for the pins/needles sensation and I think I've just got used to it....just another symptom to adjust too. Happy Saturday - sun is shining at least hope it is wherever you are! X


The pins and needles mean the blood supply isn't getting to your hands properly. It could be related to the arthritis, because if your joint is worn enough to mean that the bones have shifted out of their 'normal' position(s), something could be trapped. However, it is just as likely that something else is interfering with the blood flow: it could be tight muscles, inflammation, sleeping awkwardly, a subluxated joint, a circulation problem, and probably other things too...

If your OA is still only described as 'moderate' they may not consider arthroplasty. Different surgeons have different habits, but many won't do anything other than steroid injections and physio until OA is 'severe'. Physio ould definitely be worth trying before surgery - I have found it has helped my own hands pins and needles. If you can find a reputable McTimoney chiropractor, they might be able to help too...

Hope you get it sorted :)


Hi I was getting the most terrible pins and needles in both hands & also a feeling of red hot flooding through the wrists into the hands. I couldn't sleep as the pain was unbearable. I was also waking to my hands all screwed up in a tight fist. My GP recommend I try some hand splints just at night. I bought a pair of cheap ones with Velcro fastening from EBay. They are amazing! The difference is unbelievable. The pins & needles stopped immediately along with the flooding feeling. I have worn them every night for a month now & don't take anything apart from Naproxen. Might be worth trying.


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