New to OA!!!!

Hi I have just been diagnosed with OA in my neck and more severe in my lower spine.

The onslaught of this was in early October when I was admitted to hospital as I was very stooped and couldn't straighten up. Also I lost complete bladder control which was a bit embarrassing to say the least.

I had an MRI scan and this was the outcome. I have now been referred to a Neurosurgeon and see them on 5th Jan next year which I can't wait.

I have good days and bad days and when it's bad I take Tramadol but they make me drowsy so only try and take them at night time so I can sleep.

My GP doesn't want me to return to work until I have seen this new consultant and hopefully together we will plan a course of action etc etc.

I had to go into work last week for a chat with my boss as I work on the checkouts in a supermarket and cannot physically do my job as I cannot lift anything heavy like a 17KG bag of dog food or a large box of beer. I have explained the situation and they understand for now. Maybe that's because I have only worked for them for 3 years and have run out of company sickpay in November and am only receiving SSP.

I don't know what the future holds and quite honestly it scares me. I would like to return to work in some capacity but the job I am employed to do is a definite no for the time being. Maybe when I have seen the Neurosurgeon he will perform a miracle and I can go back to work doing the job I love.

Would love to hear from fellow sufferers.

Kind regards.

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  • Hi hopefully when you see the consultant after the year he or she fix things out, regarding the work they have to help you as it's the law but I know what your going through as I've been medically retired from my job with a local authority as it was just too much and I couldn't do it anymore and the last year I've been off and finished up in July but the last year was a worry because I didn't know what was going to happen , I've got RA,OA and angina , but I'm on a new Bisomar treatment called Benepali and it's made a big difference I hope you get sorted out

  • Thank you. It is a worry the future. I think I could do a sit down office job but there are only 4 in my store and nobody who does them is leaving!!! Also the office is near to the loo as I don't pee myself now but do need to get to a toilet within a couple of minutes of feeling the urge!!!

    If the worst comes to the worst they can't pension me off as I didn't join the pension scheme as I'm 54 and want to retire at 60 and as I only work 22.5 hours a week didn't se the point. At the mo I'm on SSP but have been told I can only get that for 26 weeks so my visit to the consultant in Jan means an awful lot. I have a mortgage and bills to pay!! Anyway thank you for your help.

  • Bless you, I hope your consultants appointment goes well and they are able to do something for you. I too have OA and Reactive Arthritis. I work in an office but find it difficult as my hands are affected quite badly and typing is difficult, I find Naproxen helps a lot on bad days as it doesn't make me feel drowsy or spacey like Tramadol.

    As Popsmith1874 said work have to help you. I would check out your employment rights as you've been with your employer for more than 2 years they can't get rid of you that easily.

  • Many thanks I think I will ring my union USDAW they should know what my rights are!!! I am on SSP at the mo and can be for up to 6 months but after that I'm not sure what I will be entitled to as I have never been on benefits in my life.

  • Welcome to the group Birchy and thank you for sharing your story.

    We are sorry you have been having a difficult time, and we hope you find the fantastic supportive community on here helpful. If you want to read more about arthritis and our Self-Management approach, as well as have a look at our upcoming events and training courses, our newly redesigned website is:

    Wishing you all the best,


    Arthritis Action Communications Officer

  • Thank you I certainly will have a look at your website. It has come as a bit of a shock to say the least and I really don't know much about OA apart from there is no cure so I am sure your site will be very helpful. Thanks again and kind regards.

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