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Facing the truth

Like a few other folk, I got my PIP confirmed this weekend and am glad of the extra financial help. I didn't really want to apply but my partner (and amazingly patient carer) persuaded me to do so.

We had the interview a couple weeks ago and it was the first time in ages that I'd been out and first time in much longer that my partner and I had been out together sans baby. It was painful but fun too, even driving round the north circular there and back! The beautiful sunshine helped as did spending some quality time together.

My interviewer was lovely, kind and understanding especially when I burst into tears twice at having to admit my limitations. It was hard work, opening up so frankly at times. I didn't care about the toilet questions so much but not being able to wash my hair very well seemed devastating.

I'm so practised at 'pretending' everything's okay and not so adept at admitting my imperfections and limitations. This has been a life-long habit and perhaps has some part to play in my having these dis-eases. Nevertheless, it was a huge relief to be open and honest about how much help I need.

Best wishes to all going through similar situations. We need to be honest with ourselves and brave enough to accept life as it is :) x

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Chin up Racheblue Been there, done that, baby and all. It does get better, coping and all, the baby I refer to has just had her 41st birthday, and her sister her 34th birthday, this just goes to prove that no matter how bad things seem they do improve. For some reason it goes in fits and starts, so when you get a reasonable period enjoy it and make the most of it.My Mom had a saying 'let the bad things go so you can enjoy the good' I've lived by this and its helped me a lot. Hope you are enjoying your little one, even though its difficult, may you enjoy watching your baby grow up as I have mine. Good Luck for the future. xx

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Oh this resonates with me! I haven't applied for PIP, although I think I might qualify, because I'm not ready to face the fact that I need it... :-/

Your PIP interview sounds very like the one I had for a Blue Badge last year - I cried a lot, and the assessor was very sweet and helpful. It was supposed to last half an hour and I was with her for about 90 mins. She suggested that I might need bereavement counselling to help me deal with the changes in my life... I'm still in the habit of pretending and pushing on through; I think I'm already as brave as I can manage at the moment...!


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