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Hi I've been wrngly diagnosed for 3 yrs now in may I have my answers osteo arthritis in the hips and I was diagnosed at 3 yrs old having it in my knees and ankles but I only take co codamol wich does not help and gels I'm depressed I can't get up and down the stairs jus going over a threshold hurts so much and I can't walk proper I use crutches for 8 mnths and been to physio for the past yr and half I'm confused nobody helps my son is my carer at the age of 8 and esa have said I'm fit for wrk even though now my shoulders are starting to hurt and jus fill-in up a kettle and carry a bag wiv a carton of milk kills me and hurt my lower body wen it bangs on my crutches I dnt go out I'm scared and lonely I feel alone sumbody plse help our doctors are terrible up in the north and just say keep active I have an occupational therapist due to b allocated soon but I've got so many more problems keep getting lung infections inconinent and can't even slp at night lying or sitting hurts sumtimes I feel like giving up all together and chuckin my self in the canal my poor boy is embarrassed that his mum is like this

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Hi Aishaakbar,

Was sorry to read your post as you sound so desperate and I have been there myself, years ago, when my son was small. He was badly behaved with cerebral palsy because the "Medical pigs" put me through a normal delivery with advanced arthritis in my spine, I couldn't do the natural birth they forced on me and it led to my son being born with a minimal degree of cerebral palsy. I struggled and struggled to bring him up, on my own, with no help from anywhere. In the end I put him in a boarding school for his secondary education. I had to fight really hard to get it for him. He always found me an embarrassment, and does to this day, (he's 32 now and I have never met the girl he lives with.) He wouldn't even let me attend the day he graduated University, because I can only walk with sticks and he was ashamed of me. I was heartbroken and have left him nothing in my Will. Don't allow your son to be ashamed of you. Smack him if he creates about the way you are and tell him over and over that you cannot help your problems. Have you tried changing G.P.'s? Some are more sympathetic than others. Try asking anyone you know living in your area, if they can suggest a sympathetic G.P. At the time when I had my son, in the 1980's, I had this really judgemental freak of a G.P. and he virtually killed or maimed every member of my family. He wouldn't do anything any good for any of his patients. I moved away and was surprised to get help and kindness from a G.P. in another town. I had not been able to walk for years but all my benefits had been turned down. I had only moved a few weeks when I suddenly qualified to receive them, but I remember the bad years I had, and send you my best wishes. Don't lose hope.

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Thanks for that I need to hear that yes I moved from Nottingham up here and I was better off were I was esa the assessor has lied threw his teeth saying things wat I can do even tho he never asked etc I'm so shocked that they get away with it to my son is calming down but I'm worry still he does a lot for me my son but that is why I think he take it out on me I hope there is a light at the end of this tunnel I've got literally no money jus his and no help from anywhere but u have jus made feel better I appreciate it thank u


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