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puerperal psychosis, depression, anxiety and difficulties in caring for a baby

I read a lot of what people have written and suprised that this service is still unavailabe, some places have had it running for years. They even run a fathers/partners group to support them during this period

A specialist inpatient and community mother and baby services for the treatment of depression, psychosis and other mental health problems for pregnant and postnatal women and the assessment of parenting abilities.

Coombe Wood was the first mother and baby unit in the UK and has supported hundreds of mothers, babies and their families. First established in 1959 in Hertfordshire and since 1993, our specialist inpatient, perinatal community mental health and parenting assessment services have been located at a dedicated unit at The Park Royal Centre for Mental Health, next to the Central Middlesex Hospital in Brent, London.

Coombe Wood is a highly regarded specialist perinatal service providing inpatient and community-based treatment and support for pregnant & postnatal women experiencing mental health /emotional difficulties. We also provide a specialist, residential parenting assessment service to local authorities, legal services, children’s guardians and the courts

Our Team of clinicians, nurses, therapists and support staff are experienced in supporting and caring for mothers and their babies.

Our bespoke inpatient unit has been designed to provide a warm, welcoming home-from-home environment that positively aids recovery and ensures babies feel secure, safe and able to continue bonding with their mother, father and other siblings and family members at this crucial stage of their development.

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you can google them


Sounds like a wonderful resource.


Leilakinuk - thank you for writing about Coombe Wood on this site.

As someone who suffered PP 27 years ago, I would like to read more information like this here. I realise we are able to be an ongoing support network for each other by sharing our own experiences, and I find it very reassuring to read that there are places like Coombe Wood.

Am I right in presuming that Staff at Coombe Wood are in communication with people currently doing research into PP around the world and internationally? With their long term involvement in the treatment of patients and their families it is good to know that they still have NHS funding.

As Jennifer M says, it does sound like just the place to be if you need specialist caring help and support. I know I can not thank those who helped and supported me to recover enough, especially too my family and friends.

Thank you again.


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