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‘A Mother’s Mind - A Story of Post Natal Psychosis, Depression and Anxiety’

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I am a Post Natal Psychosis survivor (2010) and have had my story published last week. I am located in Sydney, Australia. Please know there is light at the end of the very dark tunnel.

My book is titled:

‘A Mother’s Mind - A Story of Post Natal Psychosis, Depression and Anxiety’

It is available at:


Admin thank you for allowing me to post this here.

6 Replies
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Hi JasmineStar,

That is amazing that you have written a book about your experience of postnatal psychosis, I really hope that it helped you in your recovery to write it. I wrote a lot about my experience, on this forum in fact, and I found it so helpful to process everything I went through.

And well done for sharing your story so publicly, it's not easy to do!

Good luck with your book!

Ellie X

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JasmineStar in reply to Ellie_at_APP

Thanks 🙏 Ellie ❤️

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Hi JasmineStar,

Welcome to this brave group of mums. How amazing of you to write down your story, it is such a brave thing to do. I look forward to reading it. Take really good care

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Hello JasmineStar

Congratulations on having your story published .... such an achievement after such a traumatic experience.

I hope you are safe in the floods enveloping Sydney at the moment. Take care.

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Hi JasmineStar

Thank you so much for sharing the link to your book with us, I hope it's been a really healing part of your recovery journey to write and bring your book to publication.

Thank you too for your hopeful message to everyone in the community here. I hope the book has a big impact in Australia where I know that specialist services for perinatal mental health are much-needed.

Congratulations and thank you for sharing with us!



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Hi Jasmine,yes, 2010 for me as well- my son was born the end of July...wow it has been 12 yrs.

very proud of all the women who accomplish a healing process through creative writing.

Thank you for sharing!


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