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Hi everyone,

I experienced PP in August last year which resulted me being in a (wonderful) MBU for 3 months. I feel lucky that I am recovering well and have (and hopefully will continue to) avoided the depression that seems to so often affect those of us who are still recovering.

I want to use my experience in a positive way and I am mooting ideas about how I could help other women in the future. Personally I had never heard of PP and think it would have helped if I knew about it before I was in the middle of an episode. I attended an NCT class and although they talked about recognising Post Natal Depression they did not mention PP at all. I think that it would have been useful for my family and I to know the symptoms before I spiralled deep into a psychosis. So my idea was to contact the NCT to encourage them to mention this illness (its early signs) while they were already discussing mental health.

I would really appreciate your thoughts on this. Do you think this is a good idea?Would it have helped you?

Thanks for reading this post


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Hello Gmumma

So pleased to hear you are doing well after PP not so very long ago. I hope you manage to avoid the depression which followed me during my second PP for almost a year. Thankfully I did fully recover.

My PP episodes were in the days before MBU care and like you during my antenatal classes PP was never mentioned. It wasn't until I replied to an article in the local press regarding research by Dr Jones and the APP team that PP was confirmed after sight of my medical notes. That was such an unforgettable feeling as the guilt and shame I had carried for years lifted.

I was so grateful and like you wanted to help other women who were trying to recover and cope through such an awful illness. I have been a volunteer on the forum for some time and enjoy 'meeting' and 'talking' to mums and family members as well as other volunteers. Perhaps this is something you might consider when you feel fully recovered?

In my case it was very traumatic for my husband and family when I was so unwell and fearful of the unknown as I had completely shut down. I think awareness is key and your idea is a good one to highlight this traumatic though temporary illness.

Take good care of yourself ..... you're doing very well in such a short space of time.

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Hi Gmumma

Lovely to hear from you and that you are recovering so well and managed to avoid the debilitating depression.

Like Lilybeth, I experienced my PP many years ago and the embarrassment and shame stayed with me for many years. I wish I had your courage at the time to put the experience to positive use. I think it is a wonderful idea to contact NCT and put PP on the map. Fortunately mental health does not carry the stigma it used but the more people understand about this little known, frightening condition the better. I remember wishing I had suffered from post natal depression as I felt it would have been more 'acceptable' at the time.

I wish you all the very best. Vee x

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Hi GorillaMumma, i had never heard of PP and wish NCT had covered it, even if ligthly so my partner could have maybe been aware of the warning signs!

If you have the energy then absolutely contacting NCT at country level would be great! hopefully they would ensure NCT teachers cover PPP or at least mention it!. I get the sense nobody wants to scare pregnant women/expecting parents..but people need to know even if PPP affects only 1-3 in 1000!

Best wishes and please do let me know should you wish someone else to assit you, as I would be happy to email/call NCT (just a matter of fitting it in with working 5 days a week and rest of the time caring for a 2 year old).

Best wishes!



Hi there,

I also suffered with PPP in August 2016 but unfortunately depression and anxiety followed for me and I am still struggling to cope with this. I am so pleased you have managed to avoid the debilitating effects of depression and anxiety.

I also attended NCT classes and mental illnesses wasn't covered at all! Had it been covered even briefly my husband may have been more clued up on what was happening to me. Neither of us had heard of PPP before.

Well done for acting positively to your traumatic experience!

Kind regards,


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I too hasn't heard of PP. and feel it would have been alot less scary had I have known about it. This was my 3rd baby and I didn't understand what was happening to me. I am a solid believer of raising awareness of this illness. I did a piece on Look East, they came and filmed me, my partner and our baby while I was in the MBU.

Did you get in touch with NCT yet. If so how was it received?


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