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The Wifi looks after the kid...


...if I go out for 1 hour, and leave DS to his studies.

I say where I am going, how I can be contacted and when I will return.

Voluntary work has helped my health by increasing Confidence.

Anything wrong with this? Thanks and have a nice Holiday Monday.

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Hi new-baby,

I hope you’re ok. Looking back at your previous posts I think your son must be 16 now? I think leaving him for an hour is fine, especially if he knows where you are and how to contact you.

It’s important to do things that are for us, and it’s great that voluntary work is helping your confidence and therefore your wellbeing.

Are you worried when you leave him, or feeling guilty? Are you happy that he’s safe while you’re gone? I think so long as you’re both happy with you going out and you’ve decided he’s mature enough to be left and isn’t being put at any risk, you don’t need to worry.

Look after yourself.

Best wishes

Jenny x

Hi Jenny, good advice. He is nearly 16 so capable of looking after himself for a short time. I still feel a bit guilty though but now that I've understood him more as a young man, it's easier to accept that he might not want to do what I think is the best thing! I worry he won't get through his exams and that he seems not to want to do them at all - what my husband was always worried about, that he'd think it uncool to work hard and strive, cooler to be nonchalant and fail! Youth eh? Hope you are enjoying the Holiday Monday xx

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Hi new-baby

I’m sure they’ll always give us something to worry about! I guess all we can do is our best to encourage and guide them in the right direction :)

I’m enjoying the Bank Holiday thank you, listening to the Classic FM hall of fame which is doing a good job of keeping me relaxed while the volume levels of my boys disturb the neighbourhood!!

Take care,

Jenny x

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