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Looking for support after relapse

Hi everyone,

I had PP back in Spring 2014. Then shortly after had a severe depression episode after that. I was hospitalized for both of those episodes. I worked really hard to get well and was working as a teacher at the time.

The beginning of Nov I had another psychosis out of the blue, though I think it was stress related because now I have my own business and watch my toddler full time. I was hospitalized again but it was a way better experience compared to the first 2 times

I was done really well the past weeks after getting out of the hospital and I was in an outpatient mental health program and that ended.

I’m feeling lonely bored and stuck.

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I am sorry you are feeling lonely bored and stuck. We are all here for you. Know that you are doing really well. Are you able to contact the outpatient department to see if they can offer you any help.

Congratulations on your new business that is a massive achievement. I also have a toddler and it can be tough.

This time of year can be hard I think as all routines go by the way side, the days are short and there is alot of added stress around.

Take care x


Hi Bravesurvivor2

I’m so sorry you’re feeling lonely bored and stuck, it sounds like you have been doing so much, and getting through things amazingly. To be running your own business while having a toddler is such a great achievement, and to be doing it after PPP, and severe depression following it, is amazing.

You’ve been working so hard at everything, I guess now, at the end of the year, maybe the feelings you describe are your body’s way of processing it all. It’s such a lot to go through. I’m glad your most recent hospitalisation was better than previous experiences, but it does take a lot out of you and November is very recent. I really hope you can give yourself some time, it sounds like you have so much on. Please be assured this time will pass and things will get better. Sending every best wish to you, Jen XX


Hello Bravesurvivor2,

your name is well chosen, this is exactly describing the situation and the stories of mums on this site. Welcome! You are not on your own, we all share the same illness and thus, can share compassion. I felt lonely for a long time. In fact it took five years until I discovered this forum.

I have had PPP in 2010 and was hospitalised, too.

Well done for battling through a very difficult time, but remember you can share and journalise your experiences with like minded mums. I express myself through art, but also like creative writing.

I am absolutely amazed, that you have been able to set up your own business short after such a traumatising illness. If we put our passion and heart at something, nothing should stop us.

Nevertheless, when setting goals, please, be kind to yourself. Influential factors can be a trigger for our mental health. From my own experience, but also reflecting on mums' stories after PPP stressors can affect our well being.

I try to be very gentle to my self, listen to my body and slow down when I have to. I avoid people, who just burn you out. I guess I have become quite selective and focus on the once, who matter most to me.

Kind wishes & look after yourself.



Hi 👋 I have just read your post and you have had a similar experience to me albeit my episode was in January 2016 after the birth of my daughter Harriet. I too am a teacher in the UK and have been offered a job starting in January 2018 however I don’t think I am ready yet. I feel trapped looking after my daughter FT and not having my independence but I have to weight things up now and think about my mental health which is something I never had to do before which is very frustrating. I wish you well in your recovery and if you ever need to talk please feel free to message me. Stay strong and all the best for the new year x Beth


We are all here for you. I’m glad bring an inpatient in November was a better experience.

My son is 4 in March and my daughter is 18 months old. I work 3 days a week and like you have a profession. It’s difficult juggling stress of work with risk of relapse but I couldn’t have my kids 24/7 so love having the break by working. I tried working from home but it didn’t work for me as I need a change of scenery and speaking to adults.

Take care x

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