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anxiety after episode

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Hi everyone, Im 5 years off from my postpartum psychosis. I have had a full recovery but have has 2 other psychosis episodes. One last fall and one 2 weeks ago. I am now on Zyprxa and feel strong anxiety. This is not normal for me and is very disruptive in my life. I need some tips on how to manage my anxiety while in recovery. And just need general support right now! Thanks!

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Hello bravesurvivor411

Good to hear from you but I'm sorry you have had two further psychotic episodes. I think you last posted about weaning off Zyprexa (Olanzapine). Are you still on the 2.5 mg dose or did you come off completely? I don't have any experience to share about taking this medication. If you have come off it, do you think you should speak to your care team for advice on whether you need medication?

I'm not sure about how your GP can signpost you to treatment for anxiety in the U.S but there is talking therapy, such as Cognitive Behaviour Therapy which has benefited some mums here. It's a good way to talk about your worries and the therapist can help and support you as the sessions progress. Perhaps you could also contact Postpartum Support International at as there are local support groups depending on which area in the U.S you live.

If possible, I think it's a good stress release to go out in the fresh air for a short walk, or practice relaxation exercises at home. I hope you can find professional support for yourself as being anxious is an awful feeling. Take good care of yourself.

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bravesurvivor411 in reply to Lilybeth

Hi Lilybeth, thanks for your response. I weaned of the zyprexa last spring and am back on at 15 mg. I think I’m a bit over medicated and will be talking with a nurse on Monday.

I have been in therapy several times a month for the past almost 5 years. I currently see a psychologist and a Somatic experience therapist. Which are so important to my mental health.

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LilybethVolunteer in reply to bravesurvivor411

Hi bravesurvivor411

I'm glad you will be speaking to a nurse on Monday to discuss your medication. I hope you will eventually feel the benefit of your ongoing sessions with the psychologist and Somatic experience therapist. Perhaps if you can discuss openly how you feel, the therapists might be able to give you coping strategies for your anxiety? I think it is very important to monitor our stress levels to maintain our mental health and wellbeing.

PP mums are amazing ... sending you a hug across the pond :) x

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Hi bravesurvivor411, it sounds like you are doing all the right things by contacting your nurse again for advice about the Olanzepine dose . It’s not unusual following recovery to have random episodes but don’t be surprised if a few adjustments are made with your medication to get the right balance . Has your appetite increased? That can be tricky to manage .

Coping with anxiety isn’t a walk in the park at the best of times , but a few simple remedies do help , and can take the edge of the “ What ifs”. Exercise in any form is good ; eg swimming walking Pilates etc; listening to relaxation tapes or music; writing down in a diary exactly what’s going through your mind , (and following it by the positive feelings as they occur also)

Massage if you like that ; talking to friends ; anything creative is helpful I find .

After a traumatic experience like PPP our confidence takes a beating and there’s a lot of fear lurking about in case it’s about to return , and so be very kind to yourself . I’m sure things will improve soon .all best wishes , Denise x

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bravesurvivor411 in reply to Denizt

Thank you Denise. Your advice is helpful

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