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Postpartem anxiety/ocd/panic

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Hey everyone I dont know if anybody has heard of this but the nurse thinks I have got postpartum anxiety/OCD/panic disorder but because I have left it so long to see someone its turned into psychosis because of the voices and seeing things she was talking about anti-psychotics today at my appointment I have another appointment on 8th march to see a doctor so I will ask them and see whether anti anxiety meds will work aswell as anti psychotics.

Does anybody have any experience with postpartum anxiety/OCD?

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Hi Lauren - that sounds really scary. I'm so sorry you're going though this.

Have you come across the wonderful organisation Maternal OCD? They might be able to give you more specialised information and support?

Best of luck, xx

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lauren23 in reply to KatG

Thankyou I will take a look at this. X


I wonder whether professionals need to establish a proper diagnosis for you. I also will have a look into KatG's suggested website.

I developed anxiety, specifically social and agora phobia after PPP.

I have made the decision to live without any medication, but developed strategies and copying mechanisms. This means I have had to change my life style completely, but simultaneously be in acceptance with this condition. I kept my care coordinator since 2010 and I am very happy with that, because in order to manage life I can use help and support accordingly to my needs...i.e. support worker, specific courses etc.

Support network consists of my partner, family & friends and Somerset Partnership.

Please, do not hesitate to ask about help and support. Remember we are all very unique with our experiences and thus, remedies for our well being are very different.

Good luck, Sabine

I developed anxiety and panic attacks after my first but when I got pregnant the second time for some reason I never had 1 panic attack or any psychosis symptoms but after second one was born it all started again. X

Hello Lauren I had the same experience I was diagnosed with ppocd and when I went to take a second opinion from another psychiatrist I was told that I have ppp and she prescribed anti psychotic meds.I dunno where you live but where I am staying there are no perinatal psychiatrist specialized in moms mental health.I wish meds would work fast for you but don't hesitate to ask your doctor why you need them if you just have ppocd ,all the best

An update

I have been to see the doctor and they said I have unstable emotions and traits of a personality disorder aswell as anxiety/panic attacks she said anti psychotics wont really work for me because I didnt show any symptoms of psychosis.

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Hello lauren

Good to hear your update. How do you feel about what the doctor said? Are you still troubled by voices? Will your doctor be able to help with support or medication for you? Anxiety and panic attacks can be awful so I hope you have been given a plan for further care and follow-up.

Take good care, it's not easy trying to cope with an illness and routine.

No I dont hear voices anymore I told them the only time i felt normal was when I was pregnant then after my baby was born I started getting ill again I read an article about postpartum panic disorder and the women had all the same symptoms as me aswell as ocd traits. X

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That's good that you don't hear voices anymore although anxiety and panic attacks are hard to cope with. I haven't heard of postpartum panic disorder but in a way it's good to read about women who have had the same symptoms as you because you realise you're not alone ...... a bit like this forum!

I hope your doctor is going to review your care plan with you.

Take care.

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Hi Lauren

It is good to hear that you are beginning to see people and are getting some kind of diagnosis etc. More importantly have they let you know anything about what kind of treatment or support they can give you (medication, visits from a mental health nurse etc)? I do hope you're able to get the support you need so you can get better.

I hope that the organisation Maternal OCD that someone recommended may provide you with some useful information and support too.

Take care, keep writing whenever you need to

The doctor said that they were refering me to someone who is trained in dealing with borderline personality disorder and that medication wouldnt really be helpful in treating it

The author of the blog had severe PP OCD and she has an incredible website giving tons of information. See "the symptoms of postpartum anxiety and ocd in plain mama english" and it gives a very specific list of exactly how it feels to have it without all the medical jargin. I actually diagnosed myself with my psychosis from her website and the symptoms list of PPP. I knew when I read it that that was what was wrong with me. I shortly thereafter asked my husband to take me to the hospital where the psychiatrist confirmed the psychosis. I was given antipsychotics and they pulled me right out of the psychosis very quickly and effectively. They were the ONLY thing that stopped the voices. I was on them for about a month and a half and then weaned off as planned. The psychosis never returned and I'm on my path to health. I hope this helps and please know that you are not alone. Women get better from this all the time and you will get yourself back again.

Thankyou everyone for your help I didnt even know there was such thing as postpartum ocd or postpartum anxiety until I had a look on the internet and alot of women got ocd and anxiety after they had their children but they were fine during pregnancy and felt normal and I will have a look at that website. X

After medication,

sleep, nourishment and support from those around you is what brings you back to health. I believe healing from PP mood disorders is a multi faceted approach. Your brain needs sleep and fresh unprocessed food and good healthy fats from avocado, coconut oil, nuts etc. The b vitamins from animal liver (pate) are incredibly nourishing after having a baby. The endorphins of mild exercise and getting out into the sunshine for vitamin D help so much as well. Therapy and counselling with help you to understand that this isn't your fault and that your hormones from birth have a huge role to play. Do you have a supportive partner and/or parent or friend helping you through this? It's so important. I think we are somewhat brain washed by tv and society that we are supposed to be able to have a baby and do a lot of it on our own while also trying to take care of ourselves and other family members and when we can't, we feel guilty and defective. And we are not meant to do it alone. There is a reason there is a saying "it takes a village to raise a child" because it's true. And Mom's deserve love and support after having a baby.

I have a friend who is supporting me at the moment I dont live near my parents they havent seen me for 7 years. X

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Hello Lauren

I'm glad to hear you have a friend who is supporting you. Hopefully you will not have too long to wait to be referred and seen by someone specialising in the diagnosis you have been given. It would be a good idea if your friend can go to the appointment with you for support.

Take good care of yourself in the meantime.

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