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Action on Postpartum Psychosis
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More info Please

I had pp 4 month after giving birth to my second daughter. I have no familial pattern of mental illness or pp... This episode was completely out of the blue. Im finally starting to feel like my oldself again (feb is the 1 yr anniversary of being admitted to a general psych ward). This site has offered me so much just from talking to others who've been through it to educating myself (my drs didnt tell me much of this illness or if they did i don't remember).

The one thing I've been wondering about is what does this mean for my daughters when they come into child bearing years. What percentage are they at risk for developing this? As i said my side of the family has no mental illness but my husbands mother is bipolar so my daughters have a history of mental illness in thier paternal grandmother and ive had pp only with my second child. I havent been able to find much info on how genetics in future generations plays a role. Any links or info is appreciated.

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Hi owls

It’s lovely to hear from you and to hear you’re doing well. PP is such a trauma and shock isn’t it, it came out of the blue for me too.

I know researchers are looking into causes of pp and genetic links etc, but everything that we do know is on the faq section of our website which does include the risk if your mother or sister had pp which is slightly higher than the general population but not a big risk. The link is here: app-network.org/what-is-pp/...

I hope that’s helpful!

Take care, and it’s lovely to hear how this forum and our information was helpful for you, it was so important for my recovery too!

Ellie x


Hi Owls2189,

How lovely that you have found the website and forum so helpul and informative. It a strange time when trying to piece together the why and wherefores of suffering postpartum psychosis. Like you say many doctors dont seem to know enough about it themselves or just haven't come across it much. This very much leaves the whole family bewildered and searching for answers.

For many, postpartum psychosis is out if the blue as it was for myself. Though looking back I see that I did always have severe problems premenstrually. Probably Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder (PMDD) which wasnt diagnosed and treated. I became ill once I stopped breastfeeding as then my menstrual cycle started again.

I hope you can gather lots of tips from people on the forum for how to stay well and help with recovery. My daughter is 14 now and so Im very conscious of her moods around her menstrual cycle. Of couse in future years if she has a pregancy my pistpartum psychosis will be something highlighted to doctors. Lastly, as my children have grown my illness has not been something we have kept secret. It has been discussed with all my children at various times. Not massive serious sit down talks but answering questions as and when they arise.

Wishing you all the best with your recovery. It can be a long process but you will get there

Teresa x


Thanks for your reply. As far as all the info ive found i still dont seem to match up with any of the risk factors for pp but for some reason still happened to me. Which makes it kinda hard for me. I am overly sensitive to my moods now as, every little mood swing or even if i cant sleep at night now make me paranoid as to if it is coming back. I guess that goes away with time... My periods havent really returned and ive been done breast feeding for 10 months. It could be related to the kind of birth control im on or to my antipsychotic (but if thats the case my periods should be returning to normal since im weaning off) I dont bleed like i would normally just light spotting this is why i say they havent really returned. My period probably was due (if i hadnt been breastfeeding) at the time of onset of pp. At least that's the only reasoning as to why, that i can come up with, besides totally random.


Yes, it is hard that it happens randomly but its pretty common that there often is no history of previous mental health issues. Its very scary when it happens out of the blue, as it was for us. It's also pretty normal to worry that it is coming back. My doctor once explained that the illness makes you susceptible to stress for quite a while but gradually you become stronger and more able to cope with stressfull things

Best Wishes

Teresa x


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