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Need help please

Sorry for my english as its not my native wife is having pp for third time this illness has destroyed our lives and our careers today is the second day of pp for our third baby .the first and second pp she was working in Dubai now we are back in Kenya our mentel hospital are really scary and can't leave my wife there to stabilize and im scared if they gave her the wright medication as I was googling the medication some was used for Parkinson's. And she is sleeping all the time.


Artane 5mg tabs

CP2 200mg tabs

Trgretol 200mg

CP2 200mg injection

Drazepam 60 mg injection

Halopen 50mg injection please guys help me if we Are going on the wright dirction and wright meds I'm stabilizing her at my sister n law as she don't want go home . Thanks

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Hello Malika

I'm really pleased you have found this forum and we are all here to help. I'm sorry to hear your wife is suffering PP for a third time and it is so distressing for you to watch.

I had PP twice a number of years ago. The medications have changed and improved since then, so I am unable to comment on the ones you mention. I'm sure though that other mums here will be able to give you lots of helpful advice.

As you will know from your previous experience of PP, your wife is very unwell at the moment but there is hope that in time she will fully recover and return home. In the meantime you are doing all you can to provide support and with the right medical care your wife will get better.

Take care of yourself and keep in touch.


Thank you so much for ur advise I thought I was alone may GOD bless you


Hi Malika

I'm so sorry to hear about your situation, and having to cope with your wife having PP for the third time. I had PP 3 years ago with my only child.

I'm really sorry, I don't have enough knowledge of different medications but I just had a look around the APP website to find out information about different medications and this might be a useful link:

- you may have to copy and paste.

Other people may be able to point you to other useful sites that at least give you some information about the different medications.

For myself I was just on one anti psychotic, and then a bit later one anti depressant, and I know that each case is different, and people respond differently to different medications.

I am thinking of you, you must be having such an awful time, especially with looking after 3 children. Please don't hesitate to ask any more questions.

Take care


I'm so sorry for you & your wife going through this again, it's awful & must be heartbreaking 3rd time around. I have 2 sons aged 3.5 & 1 year & had pp after both.

I'm afraid I've not heard of any of those medications I was treated with olanzapine both times & also had zopiclone to help with sleep; they also put me on diazapam before I went into mbu but once I was there they weaned me off straightaway. I'm still on low dose of quetiapine as switched to that in the spring as hit a low patch after being back home a couple of months but they didn't want to risk antidepressants in case they sent me high again as in both my episodes I mainly experienced the manic symptoms.

Is it possible for you or the doctors treating your wife to access her medical records from Dubai to see what medications she responded well to during her previous 2 episodes? Hopefully the links sunnyandwild will help too with your concerns over medication.

I also hope the forum here will help you feel less alone & help with any more questions you may have.

I hope you are getting support for yourself too during this stressful time and help with looking after all 3 children. Your wife & you have come through this twice before which doesn't make this any easier but hopefully will give you confidence that she will recover again.

Other than medication are you being given any other support? As the medication is making your wife sleep so much she may not feel like or have the energy for talking therapies right now but I 'd recommend getting something along these lines in place if possible. For me both times the emotional support and & being able to talk through things with other recovering mum's & support staff in the mbu was very helpful & I think in my case having the right environment was just as important as getting the medication right.

Wishing you, your wife & family all the best.


Hi Malika,

I'm sorry you're having such a terrible time at the moment, it's awful that the hospital they wanted your wife go in was scary. It's difficult too when it's all so confusing & you're not sure the treatment she's getting is right. You can get all sorts of info on PP when you google it & it can be quite shocking & upsetting when you do that. You can always find quality information here:

Medication is different for all of us & we're not Doctors here so can't advise on this, but we're here for you & we'll try to direct you to lots of other resources that will hopefully help. It certainly helped me to understand a little about the medication I took & it helped me have more trust in the doctors & the treatment I was getting. There are some links below about some of her medications with clear answers to a lot of the common questions etc.

Information about Tegretol (Carbamazepine) - to stabilise moods:

Info about Haldol (Haloperidol) - an antipsychotic, & it's side-effects here:

CP2 (Cefazolin) is an antibiotic - to treat any infection she might have??

You can look up any others here if you want to by clicking on the 'Medications' drop down list on the right:

There's also really good Partners info here with lots of useful information which other dads helped us write: .

If you'd like hard copies of the Insider Guides either for yourself or to show to any health professionals/Doctors, just email with your address & we'll send some out (free of charge). You could always print out pages from the website to show to professionals if you need to?

Sorry, there are lots of links there & I know you must have a lot on your plate already, so just have a look whenever you can. It already sounds like you're doing really well finding information about PP & recording her medication etc. - well done! Just keep talking with her & her doctors to discuss any issues about medication & as things settle down, make any adjustments if need be.

There are lots of Dads on here who I know can offer lots of tips on things that helped them, so if you need us we're here for you.

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