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Action on Postpartum Psychosis
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I really want to kill myself, my husband continually lets me down and I'm so tired of this hell. Have left everyone at home and driven off. Trying to think of least painful way to do it. I just can't take this torture anymore

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Hi Syreeta41

I’m so sorry you’re feeling this way. Is there someone, a friend or family member, you could call to talk to? Are you in the UK? If you are you can call the Samaritans on 116 123, any time, and talk to someone. Or take yourself to A&E.

This will pass. Please stay safe.

Jenny x


Hello Syreeta41

Very sorry to hear you are struggling. I think this can be a very stressful time of year. Please don't harm yourself. Do you have family you can go to so that you can talk about how you feel? I'm sure your husband is very worried where you are so please text him so that he knows you are safe. You are a very important person to your family .... please try to calm yourself and return home.

This forum is for women who have experienced Postpartum Psychosis. Can I ask if you have suffered this illness? Stay safe and please ring the Samaritans to talk on 116 123.

Take good care of yourself Syreeta.


Hi Syreeta41, so so sorry you’re feeling this way, you must be very upset. And holding anger about something that’s happened maybe.

As the others have said I hope you can go somewhere safe, perhaps a friends house, or family. If you really feel you can’t go home, maybe going to the hospital cafe if there is one near by? Perhaps get yourself a cup of tea. It won’t magically fix everything, but it could just be the start of things getting better. Perhaps phoning Samaritans would be good, as they are there to help too. Anytime of day, whatever the problem, they are there to listen.

You’re not on your own, and I’m hopeful this can be worked through. It will be ok, stay safe. X

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Thank you all x


Hi Syreeta41, No need to thank everyone, we all genuinely want to help each other and people like you. How are you feeling today? X


So sorry you're feeling this way Syreeta. Are you currently receiving treatment? With time you'll feel better.

Family relationships are very hard to negotiate when you are ill. In my case I have found it much harder to get on with my husband whilst unwell.

Thinking of you and hope you can get help.




I've been there too-my husband found my illness very difficult to cope with first time round and I too seriously considered suicide when the torment seemed too much. I felt very alone, surrounded by people who didn't understand. I also reached out to someone at the time and you have done the right thing reaching out now.

By reaching out you've taken an important step. Please be kind to yourself and take one day at a time. You aren't alone and there are many people on this site who care and understand and can give you good advice. All I can add from my own experience is that there is a way back from these thoughts.

Take care and stay safe x


Hi Syreeta41 how are u doing.


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