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Contraceptive coil after pp

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Hi everyone, can anyone share their experiences of getting a contraceptive coil fitted after having puerprral psychosis. I want to get one fitted and can't get a copper one as my periods are so heavy anyway and it will make them worse apparently. I'm only interested in the coil which has three years of localised hormones but after experiencing pp twice I'm scared to mess about with my hormones. Would like to hear from anyone who would advise against and for from personal experience only. Thanks in advance. Nicky xx

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Hi Nicky

I’ve had two Mirena coils since I had PP in 2012 (had a second baby in between). It seems to suit me well but I know everyone is different (I have a friend who had one and didn’t get on with it all). This may not be the one you’re considering as it’s for 5 years.

Best wishes


Thanks for your reply Jenny. Sounds like your coil is one with the hormones in. That's encouraging for me it didn't affect you in a hormonal way. I remember the GP advising me to stay away from codeine as well. Aren't we lucky to be this special to have added concerns thrown into the pot on top of usual women's stuff! Regards, Nicky x

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Jenny_at_APPAdministrator in reply to Nickycherry01

Hi Nicky

Aren’t we just!! Yes the Mirena is progesterone only, I think it’s the option that releases the lowest level of hormone. I did look at the various pros and cons at the time, I think it’s the system (IUS) rather than the device (IUD)?

Good luck!

Jenny x

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Hi Nickycherry01,

It's something we never thought we would need to think about isn't it?! So frustrating in a way, I agree, we certainly are the lucky ones hey ;)

I took the pill that I had been on for many years after I had PP in 2009 - it was restarted whilst on the MBU of all things! After I had a second child in 2013, I looked into other forms of contraception and tried the implant initially but it really didn't suit me and gave me terrible skin. I then switched to the copper coil and haven't had any issues, but I know I was conscious of the hormone effect of any contraception. I talked to my Dr about my worries and was reassured that as I had taken the pill with no issues (it was a combined one I think, microgynon - a few years ago now!) and it was probably just the implant which wasn't suiting me. I've had a couple of other friends (without a PP history) who said similar but then also others who haven't suited a coil - copper or otherwise.

I guess our personal histories and preferences are the main thing to go off here, and I hope you can get some more info and reassurance from your Dr? I know for example that there can be health conditions and your age can be a factor which mean that taking the pill isn't advisable, and some other methods too - I know this was something that was mentioned to me. I'm sure you may have seen this link, with info from the NHS Choices website:

Hope this helps, take care, xx

Thanks for your response x really appreciate it xx Nicky x

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