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Action on Postpartum Psychosis
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PPP after second baby

Hi, I got PPP after the birth of my second son in September 2011 out of the blue with no history of mental health problems. I've been to hell and back, sectioned multiple times, enforced ect and currently banned from seeing my children unless I am supervised by my ex husband or dad. Looking forward to speaking to others who truly understand the hell that is PPP

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Hi there Rachaelx - I just wanted to say how sorry I am for all that you’ve been through. What a true survivor you must be. I hope things are getting better/easier for you and that you’ll be able to renegotiate arrangements for contact now that you are recovering. PP is such a cruel disease that impacts whole families, as your post attests to. I’m not sure I can comprehend what has happened in your case, but I certainly understand the hell of psychosis and pulling myself out of it. Others I’m sure can help on specific things like coming to terms with having had treatment enforced on you.

I’m sending you a huge PP survivor hug across the ether

Kat xx


Hi rachaelx

It sounds like you’ve had a horrific time, I’m so sorry you had such an awful experience that continues to have such an impact on your life.

I really hope you have support, you’ve gone through so much.

Sending you very best wishes, I’m sure you’ll find support and shared experiences here x


I would say just focus on urself. Try be patient then you will be in the best position to increase time with kids ect even to live with you . Have hope pray. We all been through v difficult times most like me have prior history too. Get support from groups .


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