APP Meetups?

Hi APP people,

I was just wondering whether there are ever any APP meetings or 'get togethers' in the Uk, London/ South East?

Many thanks x

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  • Hi Revans86,

    I'd love to meet up in London! Would that work for you if I organised something?

    Jessie x

  • Hi Jessie,

    I live in Sussex but can easily travel up to London.

    I'd definitely come if there was a meet up. Never met anyone else whose had PP before.

    Thanks for your reply


  • Hiya!

    A few mums down here in the south are meeting up in Worthing soon if thats any good for you? I'm in Brighton and I'd love to meet more PP mums! I'd come to london too!


  • Hi Claire, Worthing is definitely reachable for me. Be good to come if I wouldn't be intruding x

  • You wouldn't be intruding at all! Ellie is our regional rep who is sort of arranging these meet-ups, I haven't made one yet but planning to on 29th, I'm sure she'll be in touch if you want to meet us!

    C x

  • Thanks C. Would be good to come if I can. Look forward to hopefully hearing details from Ellie xx

  • Ooh I might be able to reach Worthing too Claire!

    I'm technically the APp "regional rep" for London but haven't actually organised any meet ups or fundraisers yet... please let me know your thoughts and I will try to pull something together! X

  • We are having a mini meet-up on the 29th, only a few mums, I'll let Ellie give more details x

  • No worries it's probably a bit tricky for me anyway - hope you enjoy x

  • I would be interested in meeting up in London.x

  • Hi all lovely to see this thread.

    Just to let you know We are trialling face to face peer support after receiving comic relief funding. I can meet up individually with anyone who lives in Sussex and as others have mentioned we have a little group of mums who have met just a couple of times before who we hope will perhaps meet up once a month in different locations in Sussex.

    If anyone is interested to message me, it would be lovely to hear from you!


  • Hi Ellie & everyone else

    I live in surrey, but would be interested in details of your meet up on 29th as I maybe able to get train or something. Would really like to meet other mums who have been through similar experience and struggles due to ppp/pp.

    thanks all

    Becky xx

  • I eould love to meet up but i work on Fridays so can't do 29th. If a London one is arranged that would be great! X

  • Hey ok it sounds like a fair bit of demand for a London one!

    Can people indicate below what day/times generally work best i.e. midweek or weekends, daytime or evenings?

    Also Ellie is there any budget for this sort of thing from the CR funding? (No worries if not I am very happy to fork out for a few bottles of wine and some olives!) xx

  • Hey Kat, that's super news, thank you. Weekends are best for me as A has just started school! Can also do evenings and some days when I'm not working. Would be good to know what others can do and I can try to work around it! xx

  • This sounds a great idea but sadly too far away for me. I'm wondering if there are any in the North East of England as I would be really interested - never met anyone who has experienced PP

    Thanks :-)

  • I would be interested In north east meet up too x

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