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Nominate APP for perinatal mental health awards by 31 July


Hi All

I'm writing to ask if you could nominate APP for a Maternal Mental Health Alliance award for our Peer Support project.

If our peer support project (the forum, one to one peer support, or the information on our website) has made a difference to you do please nominate us.

You need to live in the UK to nominate us. The link is here, and you need to nominate by 31 July so there isn't a lot of time. Huge thanks, Ellie


The form will ask for nominee details. If you can put:


Job title: Peer Support Coordinator

Phone number: 02033229900

Location: Birmingham

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Dear Ellie,

could you please repost just the link?

couldn't use the one above.


in reply to benedicte

Hi Benedicte,

That is strange, the link works when I click on it? Here it is again:


The page explains each award and if you scroll down you'll see there is a form to fill out. You lick an arrow in the first box which lists the awards, and obviously you need to choose the peer support one.

I hope you manage to do it. Thanks so much,


Maybe it was my iphone that was playing up i don't know. Anyway, thanks for resharing - I've now submitted a nomination for APP peer support ;-)

in reply to benedicte

Ah that's great Benedicte thanks so much xx

Had a look. The link seems to be working now but which category do we select? Sorry if sounding dumb. Just didn't want to pick the wrong one.

Many thanks

Oops I really was dumb, just found all the information on your original post. Sorry. Will do it now. 😊

🤞Done! Xx

Hi Ellie

I have just nominated APP for perinatal mental health awards Xx


Thank you all so much, that's really wonderful! Let's hope we will win the award, it would be great to be recognised!

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