APP Research study - help needed

Hi all,

If you watch Eastenders (BBC1, UK), please get in touch!

We are trying to find out how many watchers of Eastenders with personal experience of PP or Bipolar Disorder/pregnancy we are in contact with, that might be willing to take part in a research study...

The study is a student project examining views about the current Eastenders storyline. We would like to understand your views on: the general public's understanding of PP; stigma; attitudes; helpful/unhelpful messages in the media; the impact you feel the storyline has on public views; and any emotional impact the storyline has on individuals with personal experience. Participation is likely to involve a phone-call with a medical student researcher.

If you could help us, please get in touch & email

Many thanks

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  • Hello Andrea,

    I've replied via your email.


  • Sadly I'm not a regular viewer, though I'm planning to start watching it soon! :)

  • Me too!! :)

  • I don't watch this. I can think of more important things to research though, such as causes

  • Hi Sally, yes there are lots of important research projects happening all the time, some big & some small. Don't worry, this is in addition to 'the big stuff' & it may seem minor but actually they can all play a part in improving things for us all.

  • It's such a huge opportunity for APP and everyone affected by psychosis, to have a version of their story told by the BBC, on prime time, across a number of months (including both the flagship Christmas day episode and the special Sports Relief episode in March).

    I can think of no equivalent way to raise as much awareness and (hopefully!) funds. This will then all go towards vital research and support services.

    It's a win-win, as far as I can see!

    I've been helping them with their scripts and hence can't say too much more, but I think you will be pleasantly surprised by how well they are tackling it.

  • Hi KatG, I'm so delighted that the BBC have been working closely with people that have been through it. I'm very much looking forward to watching and I think this is going to be a brilliant way to raise awareness... I might post about my 'Call the midwife' story soon - it's because of that story that I got in touch with you! Life changing! xx

  • Aw it's so exciting isn't it! I'm going to start watching from next week... Think they are releasing a press release v soon xx

  • Hi Andrea, I've just emailed x

  • Hello jessieh

    I remember the 'Call the Midwife' episode and although quite brief it's so good to know it inspired you to get in touch with APP. Just 'light bulb moments' aren't they really ..... which make so much difference to the way we feel about ourselves and realise we're not alone ...... with so many great virtual friends here to lean on.

    I think highlighting PP in a 'soap' will, as you say, raise awareness, so that perhaps new mums who are not feeling too well, or family members, might be encouraged to find support.

    Take good care.

  • Hi Andrea,

    I have been watching Eastenders recently and hopefully it will be a great opportunity to get the right messages out there and to let people know of support available. Also lets hope it will improve understanding and make people aware of the signs and how to get help.

    I can feedback for the research,

    Speak soon,

    Sarah xx

  • Hello Andrea,

    I am a long term Eastenders watcher. I'll be happy to contribute and have sent you an Email


  • Many thanks Caroline, I replied yesterday so let me know if you didn't get it :)

  • i do watch it

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