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Lamictol and pregnancy! Help!


Hi everyone. I've recently been prescribed lamictol as s mood stabiliser. I've been on it for 6 weeks. I also take oral contraceptives. I've recently read that it can counteract the oral contraceptive? Very worried because I'm due on my period next Thursday and this week I've had some very light spotting and cramping! I'm worried I'm pregnant!?

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Hi hayleynevin,

I don't have any knowledge or experience of this drug but the following website might be helpful -

Try not to worry (easy to say I know), I'm sure the spotting and cramping could just be part of your normal cycle. I don't know if it would be too early to do a pregnancy test, if it would put your mind at ease? I imagine Thursday suddenly feels a very long time away.

Try not to worry, talk to us in the meantime if it helps.

Take care x

Oh thank you so much for your reply. I'll check out your link now. I'm terrible for googling and reading all sorts! I've done a early test and its negative but obviously worried in testing too early x

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