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Alice's Inquest

Hi all, you may be aware of the ongoing inquest into the death of Alice Gibson-Watt, who sadly died after an episode of PP in 2012. I wanted to share this statement from APP with you.

Please take care when reading any media coverage, particularly if you are feeling vulnerable or not 100% at the moment; this is such a sad story that has touched so many of us. Our thoughts are with her family and friends. xx

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This is such a sad story. I really feel for Alice's family and friends, especially during the inquest as it will be difficult to hear everything again.

I have to say I am very surprised that many news outlets are reporting this in their headlines (and some in the whole article) as a 'Post pregnancy panic attack' -The Telegraph, The Sun, Daily Mail and the Times. This is a very large readership, is there anything we can do to get them to correct it? Awareness of PPP is so important and mis-representing it in the media just adds to this lack of awareness

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Hi Helen_84

Yes, it's a hugely tragic story and it is frustrating to see some coverage that isn't completely accurate.

The papers are reporting on information that they have heard at the inquest, including the mention of panic attacks (due to PP), and different papers have emphasised different aspects. I have seen that some stories have focused on the the panic attack, and others on PP, and others seem to mention both.

We are working hard to provide accurate information to the media. On this story we did work with the BBC, and in this article it does give very accurate information, and at the bottom lists APP as a place to go to for information and support, which is really great:

But it is hugely tragic, and even more touching for us I think. I know that it could easily have been me, I was restrained and sedated during my episode....

Take care all, it can be hard to read the articles in the papers .


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